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Author Topic: White Angel  (Read 3149 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/807384 or https://www.adultwork.com/White+Angel%2E

This was a bit of a plan C but did turn out rather well...

1 hour incall at £110 which included OWO, kissing and sex in several positions. Good solid vanilla GFE - with a caveat!

Comms: Sent an enquiring email via aw and set up the meet via there, moving to text messages and calling closer to the time.  Laura is Polish but has excellent English - she's lived in the UK a few years.

Venue: Laura's house which is as advertised off Junction 4 of the M5.

Meet: My satnav lied to me and it didn't take as long to get there as I expected so I arrived early by 10 mins or so.  Thankfully Laura was ready for me and guided me to her address.  I parked next to her car on her driveway.  For more paranoid types there is plenty of anonymous free parking nearby.

Laura is an attractive (dyed) blonde girl as per profile pics - maybe the aw profile makes you think she is a bit more glamorous than she is.  She has very striking blue eyes and a great figure - she is also bubbly and friendly and makes you feel very welcome.  I was very happy to part with the cash.  As a side note she does have a dog... she was out in the back garden so I didn't see her but she has an impressive growl/bark.

The room is fairly basic but has the essentials, bed, nice big mirror for shagging in front of and stereo to provide screening noise.

We started off with lots of kissing and touching - very nice.  Now for the one big weird bit that would probably stop me from returning - her idea of french kissing is to have her mouth wide open and to waggle her tongue at you.  That took some getting used to - thankfully she doesn't do it all the time and the more normal kissing was fine.  It was a bit distracting and didn't really do anything for me.

Then some owo - fucking hell - she really does know what she's doing - plenty of variation, she does impressive things with her tongue while your nob is in her mouth and she can deep throat for Poland.  She got me to the edge many times and sternly told me that I wouldn't be cumming yet as she varied what she was doing to keep on the edge - utterly fantastic.

Eventually I could take no more and onto the sex - round one was pleasing but involved a bit too much lube so some positions did nothing for me because she was too lubed up.  Shame because shagging in front of the mirror should have been a highlight but wasn't.  Back onto the bed for doggy where I finally filled the bag.

A clean up, nice chat, then she started massing my front and playing with me and before I knew it lil bod was back ready for action.  Next weird bit - she asked me to go have a quick shower so we could continue with owo - I wasn't going to do anything to put more oral at risk - she is possibly the best at oral I have ever met.  So off I went, got myself clean and returned for round 2.

Frankly for round 2 I lay there and thoroughly enjoyed her oral administrations - I would quite happily have lay there and let her do that to me the whole time but after a while she suggested getting a condom so we did.  Round 2 she didn't apply anymore lube so it was a much better shag all round. Started with her climbing on top and varying positions - there was one thing she did where she perched above me and basically wanked my cock with her pussy - jesus that was good.

We ended with missionary and as I reached climax she covered my mouth with hers to shut me up - terraced house - obviously doesn't want to annoy the neighbours!

I was offered a shower before I left but didn't feel the need so got my clothes on, nice hug and kiss and out the door.  I was there a little over an hour so Laura definitely isn't a clock watcher.

Considering she's been around a while (300+ reviews on AW) I'm surprised there is only one other review on here.  She's a very nice girl, and if the kissing was a bit more normal I'd go back.  I may go back anyway as the oral was superb!

20 review(s) found for White Angel. linked to in above post (18 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Juankerr

Thanks for the review bod666  :hi:

Offline bod666

No worries  :hi: happy to share! If all goes to plan I'll be hanging up my punting boots and retiring from punting soon so getting them in while I can ;)

Have assessed my life and realised that what I should be doing is having a new mrs bod rather than filling the void with escorts! And luckily I think I have found the new mrs bod   :dancegirl: :kissgirl:

Nice one Bod...she is straight onto my HL and your valued reviews have been appreciated by me, and others I am sure. Hope the potential new Mrs Bod keeps you busy, you could always do a review of the OH here lol  ;) Congratulations on your new life but keep posting your
 reviews and suggestions until you actually hang up your punting boots mate  :thumbsup:
Just  getting onto a new review myself and stop being a lazy punter myself with the reviews , I will follow your lead and try to contribute more on here  :blush:

Offline twister

Don't do a review of the new Mrs bod....do a review of the soon to be ex. ..that would be great.

Hey Bod,

Another great review.
Will have to try Laura myself sometime.
Take care mate...I will keep Pat B warm for you lol...

Offline bod666

A review of the ex mrs bod would be comms not bad, venue excellent, services - non existent. No sex in years - which is why I punt!

Ah Pat B  :dancegirl: - she was my favourite for a while. I saw her for an hour booking a month or so ago and it wasn't that great, then she went home for 3 weeks saw her when she was back for half an hour and it was amazing. I was starting to worry that she was getting jaded. She's off now til June I think so her batteries should be even more recharged when she gets back.

Offline dboy74

Best wishes for the future, bod666  :thumbsup:

Offline Dodo

No worries  :hi: happy to share! If all goes to plan I'll be hanging up my punting boots and retiring from punting soon so getting them in while I can ;)

Have assessed my life and realised that what I should be doing is having a new mrs bod rather than filling the void with escorts! And luckily I think I have found the new mrs bod   :dancegirl: :kissgirl:
If you think you've found the right girl WTF are you visiting White Angel :(
Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

Offline bod666

I never do anything the easy way. My potential new girl isn't in this country. &
No she isn't a mail order bride  :D

Tried to see this woman on a number of occasions and alway told " maybe next week"
Then I received this :-
ok fair enough but not any more as you know I cant meet gents at your age due to discretion

So it's indiscreet to see older men ??

She is now off the hot list

I saw her a couple of weeks ago when she toured Bristol and I thought she was great.  Great comms, attitude and service.

Maybe she just does not wish to see me ! Plenty more out there though -)

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