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Author Topic: Busty MILF near Bracknell  (Read 1357 times)

Offline contentguy

Can anyone recommend one - preferably natural tits and a bit in the dominant side.

Thx in advance, I'm really struggling to find anyone I fancy whose available.


Offline Cunning Punt

You're confining your search to an average-sized town where there aren't that many escorts, let alone MILFs.

This is the only girl I've seen personally who could remotely match your description.
One of many who gave her positive review for service, but I didn't particularly find her attractive because her face is rather puffed up in the way some older Brazilian girls are.

https://www.adultwork.com/1123928 or https://www.adultwork.com/bellablond

There are a couple of MILFs in Bracknell but no idea how good they are.

If you look at the SE review board, there are a couple of recent positive reviews of MILF types in Slough (I've not seen them personally) so I suggest you could try there.
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Offline contentguy

Thanks Cunning, I've seen Bella and she's lovely but not what I have in mind.
When I say Bracknell, Maidenhead / Reading would be ok too.

I haven't punted in Slough for years.


Offline contentguy

It was a fail in the end.

Called english busty rachel at 12:00, she suggested we meet at 13:00 and I agreed.  We confirmed a couple of services, she suggested a 3 some with her mate which I declined.  I was really looking forward to the meet and hit the road, she has quite a few good reviews and as a boob man, well, it wasn't to be.

She texted me while I was on the way (over 20 miles each way) asking me to confirm again. 
I didn't get the text as I was driving.
Then she called and explained she couldn't make it until 13:15.
No problem, at least she called to explain.

I arrived, the car park she suggested I use is limited to 30 minutes waiting, big red flag.  I found somewhere I could park for 2 hours a few streets away, waited until 13:15, called her - no reply.

She called me back at about 13:20 to say that she was sorry but could only do 30 mins now. 
I was tempted and standing outside, but made the right decision and left. 
So £10 in petrol no punt and I've been grumpy all afternoon.

At least she had the courtesy to call back and sounded very nice.
She's off my HL.


https://www.adultwork.com/2216331 or https://www.adultwork.com/english+busty+rachel

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