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Author Topic: King's Cross Massage - Bamboo  (Read 926 times)

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Offline whatstheyam

AVOID like hell.

Hot receptionist sits at front. Assures you girls are hot.
I feel hesitant but commit to 30 mins anyway.

Old fat bird comes out. Terrible English - and i've heard some bad English in my time. She kept saying 'You like big vagina??' when she was trying to get me turned on.

No sex or OWO on offer. HE offered at £20. Cut my losses, got a wank. And left. Felt disgusting after.

Thought i'd review this place cos it has a really nice exterior and i've seen people taken an interest from outside. Don't want them to get the custom they clearly don't deserve.
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Offline The_Don

Please add links to your reviews


Did you confirm services before handing over any money?
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Offline whatstheyam

Whoops - thanks for the link!

Yep we agreed on HE only. Not bothered that they didn't offer more - it's just the quality of the girls, the piss poor massage, the shitty service, and the dingy feel bout the whole place.
It feels like a big con - they've got an incredibly nice exterior, which melts into utter shiftiness once through.
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