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Author Topic: Any info on big boobed blonde?  (Read 1689 times)

Offline Josh66

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Offline el-grecko

She won't see men over 40?  :manhater:  :scare:

Offline GreyDave

 :cool:  maybe its 4.0 inches ...I am in with a chance then :D :D :D

 :diablo:    an ageist bimbo! :D

Offline el-grecko

lol oh well... I can spend my money elsewhere then! And when she turns 30 I can say sorry luv... 20 year olds only!  ;-) :lol: What goes around... and all that!

Offline Anadin

Offline The_Don

Surely just say you're 39.

Don't lots of people on A/W bend the numbers, when it comes to age  :unknown:

Offline iPad3

She won't see men over 40?  :manhater:  :scare:

That's alright then as I don't mindless bints!!

Offline wannabe

Fake boobs too. I wouldn't bother.

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