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Author Topic: Was Good for Health/Chinese Massage Centre/Now Healing Hands - Doncaster  (Read 2804 times)

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Offline hullbarmy


So in the mood for a bit of oriental attention last Sunday, I took myself to my favourite place in Doncaster formerly know as Good for Health and more latterly Chinese Massage Centre.

On pulling up outside, I noticed a change of exterior decor and branding - and a new name - 'Healing Hands - Chinese Massage Centre'. Genuine services and prices are listed in the window with legitimate imagery of relaxing head massages.

Not quite as confident as I was that I'd get the service I was looking for, I still took the plunge and went in with the reasoning that I would still get a decent massage at the price expected.

On entering, the reception area was much the same as before and having heard me come in a rather attractive Chinese lady appeared (at a guess, I'd say late 20s/early 30s) wearing normal clothing with a hint of cleavage.

I was invited into the usual room which as usual was dimly lit. She asked how long I would like - one hour was my reply, £40 the expected price. She asked if I had been before, I said yes. She then closed the door and whispered the question 'would you like more' and accompanied this with a hand gesture towards my crotch. With relief, I nodded. 'You have more money?' she whispered, again I nod. 'Pay later' she said.

After undressing, I laid face down on the table and the massage began. It was nice, well structured and after a slow start some nice bottom play became a regular feature. On the turn, she immediately gestured towards my cock and whispered 'Yes?'. 'How much?', I whispered back - '£20'. Standard.

I enquired if there was a £40 option (as there had been on previous visits) she agreed. I handed over the cash and she removed all of her clothing to reveal an absolutely stunning body. What followed was the best 20-25 minutes I've had in this place.

After a nice bit of nipple sucking and breast feeling, she leaned in for some nice French kissing and then she straddled me and allowed me to rub her pussy (a bit hairy, and no fingers inside). Happily, I don't need my fingers and she's soon very wet and struggling to contain her moans. As she closes in on orgasm, she asks me to stop. More kissing and she starts to rub and wank my cock. She then turns around and gets into a 69 position and invites me to eat her pussy whilst she wanks my cock. She tasted amazing and she soon stopped playing with my cock as orgasm took hold, all the time trying hard not to make her moans obvious (I got the feeling none of the extra services offered are part of the newly marketed business strategy).

At this point, she was sat on my face as my tongue darted around inside her soaking pussy and she shuddered as she came. 'That was too good' she whispered as she went back to my cock and finished me off, allowing me to spray all over.

After the clean up and getting dressed, a full-on French kiss was my parting gift as she whispered 'you better come back and see me soon'.

You can bet your life on it! I just don't know her name  :(

These are the things that dreams are made of!

Walked past this place while waiting for new tyres to be fitted, wish i'd read this earlier, I've never visited anywhere like this before, is there any kind of protocol to get a HE, do erm 'normal' people go for legit treatment??? Sorry for stupid questions

Offline ekul1978

I'm the same enigma, after reading catweazles review of White Lily I'm sorely tempted to visit but in the same boat regarding protocol to get similar services having never visited a massage parlour.

Offline happyend

Visited just before Xmas, walked in off the street with no booking and girl was very open about massage with HE and successfully upsold to B2B.
Overall a good experience and would return.

Offline hullbarmy

It depends on the lady - sometimes they offer it from the outset, other times it's not mentioned until the 'turn'.

I've been six times now, and have never been offered anything less than a HE.

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