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Author Topic: Coventry Hotels  (Read 667 times)

I have an early morning meeting in Cov next week and will need a hotel the night before.

In Birmingham - on the Hagley Road - Apollo hotel is "famous" as a WG hotel.

With this in mind - any "famous" WG hotels in Cov?

Much appreciated.

Offline Ming

Quite some time ago I had a meet in the Brittania Hotel and I have read of others doing so, but whether it is frequently used by WG's I don't know? Also it is not one of the best hotels, very cheap and cheerful, but maybe that is the reason it has been used in the past...

Hope that is of some help.

Ming  :hi:

Holiday inn Walsgrave gets the odd WG visiting..

I'd recommend the Ramada, the butts, Coventry. Seen a number of wgs there and its easy to pass reception for both punter and wg.
I recently met with a WG who had to move from the Britannia because she felt 'unsafe' hardly a ringing endorsement coming from a working girl

Ramada usually has 2wg in attendance at all times ! 

There are 2 Britannia's, one city centre, one about 5 miles out. I have seen girls in both, and had rooms myself there. They are both shitholes, but for £35 a night, free cancellation up to the day ofstay, you can't go wrong ! Just don't expect the Ritz


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