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Author Topic: 40Flady Hull Indy  (Read 761 times)

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Offline hullad

https://www.adultwork.com/3249669 or https://www.adultwork.com/40Flady

I spotted this lady sometime ago and she has remained on my "to do" list for some time now, just waiting for the right time and place in the riotous world that is my life at the moment. Arranging through AW was easy enough and comms remained good throughout, Stacey is her name and she clearly has one or two very nice assets.

She lives in a shared house in a not too multi cultural area of the city, but it was daylight and I do not have any problem with eastern Europeans and I felt safe throught my time in the area. I rang as I approached her street as requested having parked up some distance away, I always park up miles away, I think I like the excercise. She met me at the door dressed casually and showed me to a rear ground floor flat. It was the lady in the photo's and to be honest she looks far better in the flesh, slimmer and better looking. I have told her to improve her pictures if she wants more bunsiness, but she only does an odd one or two punts a week. The flat was clean if a tad untidy, what us up north called "lived in" but smelt nice and the double bed was nicely laid out with clean white towels on. Grease the movie was blaring out and she explained this was a noise to cover any we made up, I have never seen the film.............

 I exchanged the paperwork and we had already spoken on my requirements for the thirty minute booking which was £50. She had nothing special on at my request and I was soon removing what she had on off, I needed to get at those 40F natural boobs ASAP. My intentions was mainly GFE with lots of oral both ways culminating in CIM which she does and swallows. The GFE was spot on and she has a nice body, smelt and tasted nice and she was soon using those breasts to great effect on my knob. Clearly he was enjoying the time he spent between them and then she took it full into her mouth and gave me a really good blow job, this lady is very skilled in all matters oral.

I stopped her just before we reached the final station and she lightly bit my balls and licked all around, more breast action followed and those nipples did respond to the long kissing , sucking and biting I gave them. More kissing and we where by then close to time and she told me to stand up whilst she took the now throbbing member in her mouth whilst playing with my balls and bum. I looked down at those tits and I asked her if I could come on them , she readily agreed. It was a departure from the script but I have never actually shot over any tits before, these babies where special. She continued to suck away on it and knew when I was close and finished me off with her hand all over the breasts, covering them with it dripping down off the nipples. I held that position for some time and eventually the wet wipes arrived and all my hard work was wiped away, a work of art gone.

I was about on time when I left and I can say it was worth the money , well worth it a  box ticked and one I shall return to and tick it again. Did what she states she does and maybe next time a work with a rubber on my be in order.

Stacey is one dirty girl, in all the right ways  :thumbsup:


2 review(s) found for 40Flady linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Good review. I had looked at her profile a few times but, like you, have been put off by the pictures . Always on the look out for a dirty MILF .

Offline kylo40

must say the photos make her look alot less busty. like a d or e

Offline hullad

must say the photos make her look alot less busty. like a d or e

Certainly looked like 40 f when they where covered in Myra Munk .....

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