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Author Topic: Best milf or bbw???  (Read 1179 times)

Who would you say is the best milf or bbw you've met ??

Offline Oddbod

For me

MILF would be Sensual Evlyn on Great Arthur st.
BBW would be Marie on Station rd

Offline sln

Just tried this one, Sensual Evlyn on Great Arthur st.
She sounded good on aw ,
I wish I had not bothered ,I thought she would be experienced at 61 ,  she seemed tired and lacked much enthusiasm , says she is giving it up soon and will just do massage .
She was very sensitive so not much fingering , OWO was good , a bit of Mish with her on the edge of the bed , then doggy and ended with CIM , she did carry on after I had finished. 
I think that I will stick to the younger fitter ladies from now on , but at least I have tried an older one .


Offline azrael

Here you go budd, courtesy of donmans thread "hot and spicy" https://www.adultwork.com/3323582 enjoy :drinks:

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