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Author Topic: Has any one met Queen of tease?  (Read 1122 times)


Has anyone met this lady??
What was your experience like??

Offline JT100

Pictures look very familiar...has she recently changed her profile name?

Offline seward

Hi yes I've seen Emma but not from AW sight, it was her own web page,I spent a very enjoyable three hours with her, if you like bbws she will be a good punt, just looked at the link and looks similar to her own page, she worked in Stafford some time ago before moving to Bromsgrove, she's about fifty the pictures on the profile look about right. I ought to do review but I didn't know she was still about, is that any help? :hi:

Yes it's a lot of help what's her website you found her on ??

Offline seward

If you do a search put in Sensual Emma Bromsgrove that should take you to her site,it's her own website should give you some info , don't know if it's any better than AW, good luck she may be what your looking for.

Offline Smartie

I saw her a few years ago when she was in Stafford and would see her again but she moved. An interesting and intelligent woman but carries a little weight
If you do see her ask her about the guards at the Tower of London and see if she remembers me, we had a good laugh on that

Offline seward

Checkout reviews section I have now posted a review  :hi:

Offline rjboi

Size 16? Pull the other one.....got bells on.

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