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Author Topic: Holistic Chineese Massage  (Read 950 times)

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Offline Warksman


My first review so please be gentle with me and apologies in advance for any errors my English and grammar is not the best to say the least.

I have limited punting experience mostly just a few massage parlour visits many years ago and now this recent visit. I am mid 50s and quite nervous and shy when visiting and usually feel quite awkward.
I tried to book in another couple of different places in Leicester as I was there in the afternoon and needed some attention. I got no answers until it was to late so just racked up here without a booking.
I had read on here that parking was fine by turning first left after the shop front and parking on the street behind. In practice this was very difficult as there was no spaces available and the area is a very busy place as the locals would know. I eventually put the car on a big bit of pavement as I had little time to spare. I have quite a nice and distinctive car and I was quite worried about it but I was just going for 1/2 hour so went for it. I would say though parking is not easy so maybe plan better than I did and park a little further away and walk up.

I walked in and 2 women greeted me I would say one late 20s or early 30s and one at least 40. I got the older one Sally she said her name was. I would say she is a puffy size 12 not fat by any means. Disappointingly neither of the women looked to have made any effort in how they were dressed. Took £30 for the 1/2 hour which I thought was steep from my reading on here but I went for it. I was asked to undress and get on the table and the woman returned a few minutes later.
I am a little shy and not comfortable in these situations and Sally did little to help with that apart from asking me if I was shy a couple of times. The face down part of the massage was ok and later she started rubbing her tits in the back of my head while reaching over then pushing her crotch onto my hands and arms that were by my side on the bed. I quite enjoyed that and she got her fingers running my balls as she did the top of my legs which again felt nice.
I was asked to turn over then immediately asked if I wanted extras. I said yes and she said £40 for body to body. TBH I only wanted HE but as I said I was feeling awkward so just said yes even though I didn't really fancy her and wasn't impressed with the lack of effort in the dressing sexy department.
She got naked and started to play with my cock letting me suck her nipples and rub her star and pusssy. Her tits are very good and nice nipples also pussy was tidy with a tatoo above it but not too big. It might have been nerves etc but she got some oil out and wanked me for a few seconds and I shot it pretty quick. She cleaned me up and then I started to get dressed and she said I still had 7 minutes left which was a little precise I thought.
I just wanted to get off by then as I was now feeling even more awkward after have shot my load. I got dressed and got a peck on the cheek and left.
I wouldn't go back as the women not impressive I think I was charged to much mainly because of my inexperience.
I would love some massage recommendations for Leicester as I visit fairly regular and like the sexy massage and tease before getting sorted out. I also like the stockings and suspenders and see through tops or any other sexy type dressings so happy for any recommends.

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Offline leicesterdude

I'd say £70 for a half hour is really steep.

There's plenty of fully service or highly recommended girls on the east Midlands wiki page.

There is a place I go. I'll pm you.
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Offline Warksman

Thanks that would be helpful

Offline leicesterdude

Sorry dude. Because your new you can't receive messages  :(
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Offline Warksman

Ah ok mate
I have read that pm is only turned on for anyone when an established member requests it from the admin
If you could find the time would mind requesting it please?

Thanks in advance

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