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Author Topic: Hairy Pussy  (Read 756 times)

Any recommendations for a WG with a hairy pussy?.I am talking trimmed not a jungle. Fully shaven seems to be De Rigueur nowadays. Maybe a generational thing I'm 52  all my civvie sexual partners have had some pubic hair. Visually I find a neatly trimmed triangle pleasing.


Seen this WG and the punt was good, bit thick set on the legs department but friendly enough and had a nice trimmed pussy.
Very enthusiastic service and I enjoyed my time. Downside properties not the best in, one room facing the road so maybe not  as discreet as some would like. Punt was over 3 months ago so check out the profile and make your own comms..

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Offline mediumjoe

Hi  C l like you I prefer a nicely trimmed bush A woman without always makes me think of the last time I was stuffing a turkey [to eat ] ! Anyway what kind of woman are you looking for age size etc? Joe

Size 8-12 age 18-45 Reasonably attractive and enthusiastic. ( probably asking for too much !)

Offline mediumjoe

Two I know of right size both fit both blonde and trimmed But both aged an accurate 50 neither look as if they have had a hard life, both enthusiastic and cum readily ,have only reviewed carmel-x-snow . AW3202366 called Debbie bit more info on auto-censored must get around to reviewing Miss Classy AW 1143755 it would be positive ,very nice lady nice house between Barnsley and Doncaster .Best of luck Joe

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