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Author Topic: Cutest Lucy - Angel  (Read 1782 times)

46 review(s) for CutestLucy (39 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online Ozy84

Claret. Thanks for being a gentleman. When I visit Licy (if I ever get the chance to) I won't be expecting anal then. Same reaction I got from the "balls deep Gaby of the old street Brazilian house". I my view there are to part to A level exams. Average and extra. It has to be said many can handle average only specialists can accommodate extra. Like sweet sexxy girl, Nika of Baker Street, Daria Chelsea cloisters, Devine Lara, classy Vicky. And to add to that a few of the listed can take a huge dildo in the pissy at the same time. They by the sounds to Clarets review are surely prettier.

Case rested.

Mendra you sound like you may be a sepcialist who can handle the extra...you should show these bloody women how its done my boy!!  :lol:

Offline SamLP

Thanks for the review. I still would be interested in seeing her even if it was the once. I did have a booking confirmed with her the other day. She asked me if I could make a certain time 3 hours before it was due (seems like she had a cancellation), so I confirmed and then she went silent, and then she sends me the postcode an hour before the meet and I only saw it half an hour later, so had to cancel as I would have been very late arriving. A shame, but may try again.

Posters are free to post as they wish on here within the rules, you aren't admin so its not up to you to say when its time to move on. This is a new review of this WG so its very clear its NOT time to move on from this WG in my view while she still gets reviews. I and I see some others were replying to another posters post which we didn't agree with, that's what posters do on forums. :rolleyes:

Whatever Smiths. Don't know how me stating 'I think' has anything to do with admin.

Offline smiths

Whatever Smiths. Don't know how me stating 'I think' has anything to do with admin.

Whatever Pebble. :rolleyes:

Online Ozy84

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How about this    :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:
Ha ,I mean I have only mentioned the names of 4 other wgs in my replies  :dash:

Aligning the purchase of sexual services against the cost of drinks is just dumb  :unknown:

Is it? The cost of a drink is a pretty good measure of the cost of living in a country.

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