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Author Topic: Ava of GEA  (Read 581 times)

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Offline Budgie


I'd been trying to see Ava for a while but times didn't suit. I'm glad I persisted! She is a very pretty girl, early 20s, nice figure and long dark hair.

Started off lying on the bed and began to chat but I was obviously boring her cause half way through a sentence she lunged at me NS started DFK with her hands all over me. After a while it was time for some OWO. As she worked away her hair was rubbing against my inside thigh and groin which was more than a little pleasant. Then on to the usual cowgirl and miss which ended in me nearly bursting the bag. After a lie back and more DFK I settled for round 2 being OWO with some deep throat ending in CIM.

The latest batch from the agency has got some talented girls and Ava is one of them.

Offline mavgoose

Certainly looks very hot.
Although not enough to break my no agency rule. But that's a personal thing.
Good review.

Is she new to the game tight or been well serviced??

Offline zag69

I'm currently abroad and will be for a few more weeks. But I'm chewing my fist off to ride this one :diablo:

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