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Author Topic: SexySophie1982 - Greenwich incall (TOFTT)  (Read 1120 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2958092 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexySophie1982

Last Thursday I did a quick AW search for Available Today escorts within a mile of me, and Sophie came up for the first time that I'd noticed. Her pictures are pretty awful, but a few of them show that she has a cute body. Though there were no UKP reviews, her AW feedback looked more reliable than most. So after one phone call and a blue pill I was on the bus from west to east Greenwich and 12 minutes later I was outside a large block of new flats on a main road.

The flat was clean and luxurious inside and I found Sophie very attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way. Shoulder-length brunette hair, regular features, unusually even teeth and with her eyebrows cut into an angular shape that looked pretty damn cool. She has a few interesting tattoos but they're quite discreet. She spends the whole of her escorting life on tour, but is a Londoner by birth. I see from her profile that she's moved on to another bit of south-east London this week.

After I paid £70 for half an hour we had a bit of a standing snog while still dressed and she began stroking my hard-on through my trousers while I fondled her tits with one hand and explored between her legs with the other. Clothes off, on to the bed and we began the horizontal manoeuvres with more fondling and kissing (non-deep French kissing to start with, though she became slightly less keen on this as the session progressed — was it something I ate?) She worked her way down until her mouth found my todger and gave me some energetic OWO. Very sloppy with spitting and sexy eye contact. After a while I asked her to spin round for some 69, and this went well too. Then she sat up for a breather and I enjoyed the pressure of her pussy on my face so much I asked her to stay there and grind herself into me while my tongue delved deep inside.

Next came cowgirl. Took us a few tries to get a good rhythm going but we got there in the end and gave each other a good hard pounding. At this stage we were getting a bit playfully rough and more by accident than design, her nail caught my chest near the nipple. I thought nothing of it at the time, but when I looked in the mirror the next morning it was highly visible as a thin red line with a dark pink fringe around it. I had two days before my GF would see me naked, which caused a little anxiety, but it faded to almost nothing just in time.

Anyway, after cowgirl I was too knackered for any of the more energetic positions so at my suggestion we moved into spoons. I quite like to cum in that position, but although I pistoned away for all I was worth and she gave as good as she got, it just wasn't happening. At her suggestion I straddled her chest and she wanked me vigorously until her wrist was sore. She had followed my instructions perfectly about where to hold me and how much pressure to use, but it still wasn't happening, dammit. So I took over and after a concentrated effort managed a strong and blissful climax, shooting my small dollop in between her cleavage.

With a few minutes still to run we lay there fondling and talking while I recovered. She's a bright and funny girl and we got on well, laughing and teasing like a couple of flirty teenagers. The whole experience was straightforward, enjoyable and gave me a real lift. I finished off the evening with fish, chips and beer in front of a TV box set and could not have been happier.

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