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Author Topic: Escort blog on AdultWork  (Read 820 times)

Offline scchap

Have a read of this girl's blog on AW:


Recent topics:

* The time I got worms
* My drug abuse problems
* Prison rape
* Colonoscopy memories
* Called a fat bitch by my neighbours
* Travellers shitting on the road

There might be a book in it. I'm sympathetic to the girl but it seems an inappropriate place to pour your heart out.

Offline oring123

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Offline Steely Dan

'I have Crohns Disease and had major surgery on my lower bowel'

Now I am turned on. Thanks for over sharing.

Offline oring123

my next door neighbor  smashed the back window on my car here the reg plate ??
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That is all rather fucked up.

Offline Arley Hall

Most men in Gosport are shellfish apparently. So I guess if the relationship doesn't go well you can stir-fry them in a wok. Very versatile.
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Offline LookNoHands

There a couple of girls who seem to be a bit too confessional in their blogs - which to me would be a reason to stay away. If they can't keep their mouths shut about such grim personal details it suggests 1) they will bore you with their life story and 2) they will tell everyone about you eventually...   The prattle of a blog has definitely saved me a couple of horrible encounters!

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