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Author Topic: Katerinn – West Drayton  (Read 1958 times)

8 review(s) for katerinn (4 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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Ratings/scores based on personal preferences.

I read the reviews of this girl and went into the punt not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. £70 for 30m.

Comms 2.5/5 Ok, but no help given on where to park or directions to building. Text handled by maid/pimp. Seems to be part of a large group of girls in the same accommodation. 
The girl herself speaks hardly any English.
Venue 3/5 New flats in West Drayton. Nice on the outside, clean and very basic on the inside. 1 tiny pillow on the bed. I parked 2 minutes away outside the development and off the main road where there were no parking restrictions.
Face 5/5 Lovely eyes and a nice smile. My focus was on her eyes/body most of the time so I didn’t really pay attention to her teeth, which have been commented on in other reviews.
Body 5/5 I’m a sucker for a good looking, curvy girl with dark features and great skin. She ticked all these boxes. She’s tiny but with plenty of curves and a gorgeous rack. Top hygiene.
Services Taken part in Bit of RO, Fingers, OW, Sex in Mish.
Services particularly enjoyed All of the above.
Pump and dump rating 5/5 Very friendly, smiley girl and was up for a lot of mutual body caressing and kissing.

Would I return? Friendly, no attitude, pretty, free parking, at a location I go past at least once a week. She’s on my back-up list for sure. If I see her again I will check if OWO is available for the same price and update this review accordingly. It was a quick punt a few weeks ago - cannot remember if there was any kissing.
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8 review(s) found for katerinn linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline hardcorebanger

her picture doing the split  :wacko:
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Thekeeper, hardcorebanger)

Cheers mate! I have been watching this one but I had mix results had the locations mentioned!

Saw her again recently. OW and I didn't push for OWO as she had me rock hard without it.
She has had her teeth whitened, so they look fine. Lip on lip kissing, so I didn't bother.
Another £70 Pump and dump with this gorgeous pocket rocket. Still on the backup list.
Judging by the bin in the bathroom she is busy, but the 2 x I have seen her she was available right away. Do not listen to the thick shits responding to the text - they will suggest you can park for free inside the development, I suggest you DO NOT. Still on the back-up list, but I'm losing interest in punting in general, so not sure if I will see her again.

Offline TallnHung

That body.  Working her way up my hotlist just to see what she looks like shagging ;)
Might even pass on my BJ and tits fetish for that ;)  Especially as its OW.

Cheers for keeping us up to date! Still haven't got around to see her but she is on the list!

I go in with low expectations for these type of punts.

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