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Author Topic: BarbieSexy – Heathrow  (Read 875 times)

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This would have been a low positive, but I met Katerinn (see other reviews) who was about the same price and that punt was much better, so I've gone with a solid neutral for this one.

On my way from Slough to Heathrow after a wasted trip to Sweet Ginger’s place. Usual shit offerings in the immediate area. There was a nice looking English tourer, but I wasn’t feeling it as she had no feedback and sky-high rates of 150-170 per hour were putting me off. Realised a 30m pump and dump is my only option, I booked 30m with Barbie. Paid 60 or 70 for 30mins.

Comms 2.5/5 Hardly speaks any English. Said ‘IBIS’, which I understood straight away.
Venue 4/5 Good hotel, but on leaving, the concierge was asking me for the room number and name so I can pay for parking. I did not have this problem last time. I told him I am not a guest, but the fucker wouldn’t let me leave until his colleague told him to just waive the fee as I only parked for 30mins.
Face 3/5 Body 3/5 Not enthused to say much really…pussy was nice and tight, ok skin and it’s the girl in the pics. Slim blonde – no curves that I can remember. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

Profile seems to have gone offline, but I did save a pic from the Private Gallery.
The picture is very flattering. In reality, her hair was not as nice as the pic and skin is quite pale.

Services Taken part in Bit of RO, OWO, Sex in Mish and Doggy. She isn’t a kisser + no fingering.
Services enjoyed OWO (no teeth!) and Sex.
Pump and dump rating 3.5/5 She kept a loose ‘V’ shape with her fingers at her pussy when we fucked. It didn’t really make a difference to me. Happy to try any position. *Very inexperienced*

Would I return? No

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Bratpack

What a shame. I thought she looked pretty good in her verification pic and was hoping she would rotate to one of the other Hungarian locations.

Online Cunning Punt

Thanks for this review.

So limited services and you had a nosy, nightmare concierge. Clearly inexperienced escort to choose one of the few difficult hotels in Heathrow.

Bet she didn't stay in that hotel long - and unsurprisingly, profile has disappeared.
« Last Edit: May 04, 2016, 09:37:59 PM by Cunning Punt »

Yeah she said she's here for a few days...I thought it's the usual bollox they spout. Sure she will be back at some point. I get the feeling she came here for a cash top-up and possibly to get a feeling of what it's like to be a WG.

The verification pic is how she looks.

Offline dubhcarr

Hi T, the issue with the concierge at IBIS Heathrow is not new. They really do not like WG's in the hotel. You can park close (100 m from reception) in the street at the back of hotel free after 5pm. A retired SP fav of mine was ejected from the IBIS at midnight with threat of police last year when some OP got lost and gave room number when questioned by staff. Just remember (if you are bothered) that they have yr reg on camera.

Online Cunning Punt

If that's the main one by the bowls complex on Bath Road, I'm surprised because it's a big, anonymous hotel and perfect for punting; wouldn't have thought you would be noticed.
Unless you're referring to the other one, which looks small and I've not been to.

Big one by the bowling place. Never had problem before.

Next time I will tell them I am a member of public ...no connection with hotel. Or best to parking at bowling alley.

Online Cunning Punt

Just say you're popping into for something to eat at the restaurant, but I would never park in hotels where you have to pay at reception, to avoid the staff.

Otherwise, it's a busy hotel so unless you're going in at an odd time, you won't arouse suspicion.

I've always been able to park in one of the on-street parking spaces round the back of the bowling alley, which are free after 5pm and weekends.
Failing that, it's a fiver in the bowling alley's car park, which would be a price worth paying.
« Last Edit: May 06, 2016, 12:08:47 AM by Cunning Punt »

Don't bother guys after that it is up to you.

Nice enough girl...wrong job. A satisfying wank would be better choice. Infact, a satisfying tug would have been a better choice than all but a handful of my punts.

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