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Author Topic: Gabriella - Glasgow  (Read 2415 times)

20 review(s) for G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline seeker

You're probably right mate, so long as we hand over the cash she'll tell us anything. Maybe time I moved on.

Dg mate
Did it never occurre to you when a Gorgeous exotic honey like G
Is telling  you that your shrivelled up old prunes" look lovely" ...
It's only because you've paid her and it's all an act ....
In my case, we'll she actually means it  :cool:

Offline Fasting

I didn't need to know that DG has changed jobs recently.

Please exclude irrelevant detail.

Offline RandyF

I've actually attempted to endulge you recently and acknowledge that you're as entitled to voice your opinions on here as anyone; but it would appear that was poor judgment on my part. Nothing you say is constructive or of any consequence. Enjoy your sad life Mandy as I won't be participating in it anymore.  :dash: :bomb: You do no credit to your fellow punters, if indeed you are a punter, or this forum.

Use me as a sounding board to vent your frustrations mate, I don't mind - I'll be here extending the hand of friendship when you need it most  :)

I do hope it didn't come as much of a revelation as it appeared, when couple of the lads here suggested that these hoors are in fact telling you any old pish, and really couldn't give a shit about you...
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Offline DG

Met Gaby again a couple of weeks back during her last few days in her south of the river apartment. So as to avoid the wrath I incurred following my last review and in keeping with the consensus that additional reviews should introduce something different, here goes.

I had requested a 'slutty' theme and Gaby did not disappoint, dressed in a short, figure hugging LBD, stockings and thigh high leather stiletto boots; no panties either, which was a nice touch. Now everyone knows Gaby specialises in the Dom role, but I'm afraid submission is not for me. So we have developed our 'relationship' over several meets, some including elements of sub play for G, including blindfold and restraint. On this occasion however, I opted for something a bit more physical and dominant.

We got straight into it with G's head hanging over the end of the bed as I FF her, going deeper than usual. Whilst she continued with OWO of all varieties, I was fingering her and rubbing her clit until she was satisfied. She then assumed the position for a period of spanking and horse crop play until her ass was visibly glowing. She took this very well but boundaries had been set beforehand; Gaby is not into extreme pain but was very comfortable with a measured escalation of intensity.

Having agreed that she had taken enough punishment for one session, the rest of our time was fairly conventional, for us at least, with some more great OWO, ball play and sex in a couple of positions, my favourite being missionary with Gaby's legs around my ears or spread eagled. To finish it was more FF with me straddling her head until I shot my load directly down her throat, for it to never see the light of day again.

This shows a very different side to Gaby that most punters won't get to see as she usually very much takes the dominant role in such encounters, but haven't built up a great deal of mutual trust and respect over many sessions and regular communications, she was completely comfortable 'submitting' to me in the manner described.
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Offline ickydicky

did you give her some strokes with the riding crop. a good sub is hard to find. i may have a think about her
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Offline DG

did you give her some strokes with the riding crop. a good sub is hard to find. i may have a think about her

Yes very much so, but read my review carefully. Gaby is not a sub. We got to where we did after many visits and the build up of trust over several months. Don't expect anything like that on a first meet with her cos it just won't happen. The reason I posted this was to show that there is more to her than Dom and massage, which is what many guys think. But as I said, this was a long time in the making and I was very lucky that Gaby agreed to let me play out my fantasises/fetishes with her.
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