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Author Topic: English Isabelle  (Read 1146 times)

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Offline Mendra


So I tried to contact the famous Lucy everyone has been chasing without luck - she surely must have been reading our reviews or one of her fanboys has given her the heads up on how to be polite via text. Like a busy call centre her reply were along the lines of "I am very busy, I'm sorry please contact me in a few weeks" girl done well. Brazil will be proud.

Anyway, all about English Isabelle, I swear I have seen this girl before just figure out where and when - the more I think about.

Called her last Thursday couldn't get a booking, so I got her via txt early Tuesday after reading on Aw that's she'll be working. She says its s one off.

5 star hotel new fenchurch street station. Big room, sofas lights the whole shebang. She had me waiting outside for 5 mins. This usually pisses me off. I was about to leave when she called back. Went upstairs bond style no issues with reception.

She opened the door in the maid dress I asked for. She wasted no time getting into DFK not the level of Sweetascandii, ##mia or Hazel (my DFK champions) but good enough to get the ball rolling.

She is not fat as stated in previous reviews and I don't think her tummy is due to having to kids either, think she is a girl with flesh not skinny not the gym type but one that begs to be fucked. She didn't seem conscious about it all together. Her pussy was laced with strawberry gel I thing. She has a pussy you want to eat all day long. Tits I'd say 36B height about 5'7. Brunette and submissive. A lot of OWO and DT deep pussy fucking and 2 finger anal play. She took her self to orgasm twice with her dildo while I fucked her and had finger up her arse. She had her tongue at the same time asking me to kiss her. She seem to love to hold her legs as open and backwards as possible. As for size no problem at all.

Took her over to the sofa nailed her in doggie while her had the curtain slightly open while the sun shine in her eyes her head was knocking on the plasterboards. Pulling her with the maid dress like a horse about to win the grand national. She got up with very unsteady legs. Three her on the bed with cushions under her bum and nailed her down. Lots and lots of positions eventually finished CIM wish she too with pride like drain a pipe didn't see a drop - though she didn't swallow.

She is a good girl, doesn't seem or want to over work herself as she has friends who are "over doing it" wonder why she is getting loads of punters - I smiled knowing in time she might have the Cutest Lucy Syndrome due to UKP.

If you don't keep her entertained she comes across as chatty like previous reviews said - fuck her hard and DT her well and she be quiet. Overall, a good punt. South London girl, like a girl you pick up after a rave. Pretty but no s head turned in the street. Very nice form and fuckable arse.

Will see again  - yes she is at the same place and time

Do I recommend? Yes for the big boys but not for the anal fanboys.

1hr £150 seems steep but happy to buy British that Brazilian from time to time.

6 review(s) found for English Isabelle linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Sounds like the same hotel I saw her in , similar experience to me too

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