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Author Topic: Rosanna at NTS  (Read 773 times)

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Offline Largs43

After more than 20 good punts at Newtown Sauna (NTS) I have to give this one a negative  :thumbsdown:

Rosanna is very slim, aged early 20s, quite pretty, long legs, about 5'4 to 5'6" tall.

Rosanna was the first girl available and I was on a schedule. She admitted she's Romanian. I've been with 2 other Romanian girls in the past with no problems, and she seemed friendly enough so I chose her.

She definitely said "Cum in mouth is £10 extra" at the start of the BJ, I remember thinking it was the longest sentence she spoke and as if she'd learned it. Her uncovered oral was okay, deep enough, had better, had worse.

Covered penetration was appalling; she kept her knees no more than 15" apart, in missionary & cowgirl, used her fingers against my tummy to keep me from getting deeper than 2" in. The other 3" was kept frustratingly outside. I asked if there was a problem, there apparently wasn't, more of the same. I asked her to open wider but she just wouldn't, just smiled. Very frustrating. 

Doggy style; arched back to keep me away...

I decided to go for CIM but then she decided she didn't do that after all!

So I settled for a longer BJ until she finished me with a handjob.
I have to admit having read and even commented on a previous review of her, but she was the only girl available at that time;


She seemed pleasant enough, and her BJ was okay, so I would have given her a neutral review, but having spent £100 (£30+£70) to get my cock sucked for a total of 20 minutes then a handjob, I'd have been better booking her for less time and saving some money. Or another girl.

I'll be back to NTS, but not for Rosanna.

Offline f_angel

Was it quite busy today? Any time I've been in there have always been at least 3 girls available. Sorry to hear about your punt.

There has been a bit of a purge, absent for various reasons, tina, paula, lucy, amy, kat, jade, maybe others, then theres the roma girls who come and go.

Offline Largs43

There has been a bit of a purge, absent for various reasons, tina, paula, lucy, amy, kat, jade, maybe others, then theres the roma girls who come and go.

4 girls on today; Shia and 3 Romanians. The new Mary (Romanian) hadn't shown up for her shift.

First time I've had to wait on my own in the lounge, watching a silent tv.

The only other girl I spoke to was Shia, in the corridor, as she headed off for 2 back-to-back bookings.

My luck had to run out eventually, I'll go back to NTS but phone first to hear who's working.

Kat's gone too, huh? Pity, I liked her. And Amy. And Jade.  :dash:

Offline bigmike32

Kats by far my worst punt in nts and shia is a great punt. Amys at bss and im hoping to pick her for a punt next week.

Offline f_angel

Sad to hear Kat gone. Saw her a few weeks ago and she was brilliant.

Offline nike

Offline bigmike32

I had a shit punt all got was a handjob basically. Shia was much better. Lucy was good and was so carol.

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