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Author Topic: Tatianah gg  (Read 647 times)

Offline Redskin

Anybody seen this girl from gg. Link on website not working. I've got a window for a pint today and was wondering what she is like

Offline Still-alive

She's new I think, no pics up yet, then again some pics for older girls have gone so I think they are having new photoshoots done.
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Tatianah, Uses the name of Lettisha and works for Amour. she has one review on here. :hi:

Offline jarrovian

Ok think this may be the ebony girl who was on amours books, as she seems to have disappeared from their page. Think her name was Letitia. Similar stats and also working from Heaton. Was thinking of seeing her to be honest but always a bit sceptical when girls suddenly change agencies.

She was still advertising at Amour just a few days ago, she has deffo gone now. I don't why she was using two names anyway?.

Offline jarrovian

Possibly not wanting agencies she was working for both, which would be pretty naive considering forums like this would soon have tumbled

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