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Author Topic: Touring Hungarians  (Read 665 times)

Just noticed two of the girls from the Hungarian group Melanie's friends are showing as being back in Glasgow - Angelina Ryder & Peneloppe Ferre..



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Offline seeker

Been there  :P
Done them both  :P
Got the videos to prove it  :cool:
(Not that anyone else will get to see them ) :thumbsup:

Offline auldie63

Saw them both the first time they were here a few years back. Angelina was good, but I thought Penelope was an overpriced and by the numbers so so punt even back then. And I think they both have upped their fees.

Seen them both also i thought Angelina Ryder was the better of the two bit more enthusiastic and our time ran a wee bit over cracking ride  ;)

Peneloppe ferre had a bit of fag breath not ideal but was ok bit over priced if you ask me

always keep an eye out for touring girls coming to Glasgow as i like variety myself.   

Seen them both myself ... Angelina twice and would agree she offers the better service but something about Peneloppe she's quite sexy...and great at reverse cowgirl..
Was just giving guys the heads up in case someone fancied seeing them as don't think they are here too long..

Offline seeker

Agree with  above
About Angelina being more fun
And a better experience. .. : :thumbsup:
Ferr porn 1
Angelina 4

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