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Author Topic: Cassandra4u and Alysia Duo - Bristol  (Read 1330 times)

19 review(s) for Cassandra4you (18 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline devonred

Cassandra4u and Alysia duo: https://www.adultwork.com/1842350

Duration:1 hour


I saw Cassandra for a solo booking back in December and had a fantastic time. After reading so many good reviews and seeing some hot pictures in Cassandra's private gallery,  I had to see both girls for a duo. It took 5 months to find matching dates but the wait was well worth it!

Comms: Excellent. All done via text. Texted Cassandra one evening and had a booking for the following afternoon and her address within 20mins.

Location: Very nice and modern apartment block. Discrete and easy access. Emaculate inside. Comfy double bed, clean shower and propted up decent size mirror. About 10 - 15min walk from Temple meads. Very direct route and easy find. Lots of amenities along the way. Only thing missing was a bank operated cash point,  but I was able to find one without a massive detour. (The Tesco on route has one however).

Cassandra: Cassandra is accurate of her photos. She has a porn star look about her, fake boobs, big lips, long blonde hair. She looks great and is also a tiny little thing. Very well toned and proportioned body. She also speaks very good English and is very easy to hold a conversation with and genuinely seems to be a friendly person

Alysia: Alysia has more of a 'natural' look about her and is honestly drop dead gorgeous! She is definitely the best looking girl I've punted with. Gorgeous tanned (no where near orange) and soft skin, beautiful face, great soft kissable lips, amazing body, long brunette hair with Blonde highlights,  curly at the end, lovely soft natural boobs. She has made me fluffy to the max :rose:. She also speaks good English and is genuinely friendly, although a little shyer than Cassandra.

The Punt: This probably is one of, if not my favourite punts of all time. From the moment I entered to the moment I left I had at least one of the girl's (usually both) hands and lips all over me! Was greeted with DFK and groping and a three way DFK session! Amazing! I was lead to the bedroom and continued with the DFK and groping, which was shared amongst the three of us. Before I knew it Alysia had pulled my trousers down and was giving me OWO. Cassandra soon joined in and both took turns alternating between one on the cock the other on working on the balls, aswell as sharing my cock together. Amazing! Cassandra finished undressing me and hung my clothes up and put them and my shoes on a heater as it had been raining hard. Great hospitality! Although I ended up getting more wet inside with these two  :lol:

When Cassandra returned she pushed me back onto the bed and next hour became too action packed to account for in detail. However it was filled with huge amounts of DFK, wanking, OWO, RO, fingering, toys, lesbian action (DFK, oral, fingering and more!), face sitting and sex in a variety of positions. All delivered with incredible enthusiam and quality. Managed two pops in the hour. First was with Alysia riding me and Cassandra sitting on my face while she and Alysia kissed.  Alysia is incredibly tight and fucked with great enthusiasm. Really grinded her pussy on me and I couldn't take anymore especially as Cassandra had just came and gushed all over my face.

During the hour both girls seem to cum multiple times and both were incredibly wet! Alysia loved to use her vibrator on herself and Cassandra and they both seem to know how to push each others buttons!

There was not much let up after my first pop and I was being stroked and kissed back to life by both girls while chatting. We continued in the same vein as before, this time opting for finishing in both girls mouths. After lots of fun, we  concluded with a mixture of wanking and OWO from Alysia while Cassandra alternated between sucking my balls and placing her lips on my helmet  as Alysia wanked me into Cassandra's mouth and saved some for herself. Both girls took it out without flinching and no trips to the bathroom.

It was 5mins left when I popped, but did not leave till 15mins after our end time as both girls would not let me go. Both kissing and stroking me as we chatted and I got dressed. Never had so much trouble in leaving , they wouldn't stop! Only negative was they made me leave with a semi! :lol:

Overall it was an absolutely mind blowing experience,  one I will be prioritising when they return in June. 10/10 would extremely reccomend!!!

19 review(s) found for Cassandra4you linked to in above post (18 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Bingobango

Great review. I have seen Cassandra a couple of times, but have never tried the double header, so to speak. I think I must try harder to make arrangements  :drinks:

Good review DevonRed !

Glad you had a good time !


I'm glad you had a great time devon.  Thanks for reviewing.

Brings back happy memories of my first encounter with them about 2 years ago when I tried their duo.  It was almost identical  :lol:

Cheers!  :drinks:

Offline Hartman

It is amazing that these ladies have given such a consistent high level of service for so long. If they were a restaurant then they would definitely be Michelin starred. Other WGs should take note and up their game.

I just wish I could afford to blow £250 in one hit - one day for sure. Problem is, to afford one excellent punt with Cassandra and Alyssia I would have to forgo a good punt (as I could get two good punts with a WG for that price). It's a dilemma for sure.

Great review - I'm with you, I've seen them together twice now and both rank as among my top 5 punts of all time - just incredible.

I noticed that you said Cassandra gushed all over your face - I didn't know she squirts.... how much are we talking here? I had my first proper squirting sesh with Little Katie before she went to Thailand and it was amazing!

Offline devonred

Great review - I'm with you, I've seen them together twice now and both rank as among my top 5 punts of all time - just incredible.

I noticed that you said Cassandra gushed all over your face - I didn't know she squirts.... how much are we talking here? I had my first proper squirting sesh with Little Katie before she went to Thailand and it was amazing!

Probably used the term 'gushed' a bit loosely! She was just soaking wet and seemed to release some fluid at once when she appeared to cum, don't think it was a squirt of sorts, although it is not something I have experienced (as far as I'm aware) yet so not sure. Was not a huge amount, just a noticeable increase to what I already felt with her sat on my face  :).

Nicely done, Sir!

Must get round to sampling this duo....

Offline Cunning Punt

Fantastic - one of the best reviews I've read for some time.
A great read and lots of info - including details of girl-on-girl interaction.  :hi:

They've just become my top seeds in my wishlist for my first-ever threesome.

But, yes, got to save up.

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