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Well, I won't go into too much detail about my session with Manuela as it was pretty much the same as the last time I went (Reviewed here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=94262), which was excellent!

So, 52Anal-Busty-Mature. I sent her a text about the meet and she answered within a few minutes each time, to each question I asked (Seems a common occurrence to only get an answer from one question if you send multiple at once). Plus mark there  :D Was told where to wait as she knew I had seen Manuela before.

Same place as when I met Manuela, over by the Mailbox, easy enough to park and a safe place. Entrance may not be the best for some due to the place below perhaps being open and/or busy. In my case, I went after they were shut.

She does look good for her age (States 53). She doesn't look particularly young but if I were to guess, it wouldn't be close to 53. Her images do give a pretty good representation. As for her body, very good. No real signs of sag, her boobs may have deteriorated a little bit overall due to age, I was happy. I can only guess he exercises fairly regularly. Nice ass, my favourite feature of her.

Considering the lack of ability to speak English, we communicated fairly well, she seems intelligent enough to catch on pretty quickly and does know some phrases in English. Willing to lead (For those that like that) and she certainly lets you know what she enjoys. She portrayed that she was getting into it, which was great.

Comparing to other punts, I'd say 7-7.5/10. She was very very nice and provided me with a good time, a bit different to what I've had before which wasn't a bad thing by any means. Started off with the usual, I undress and lay on the bed. She then bent over against the wall (in her nurse costume that she can be seen in on her profile) and slowly began to remove her underwear, she did this well and could fell the little man starting to liven up. she the unzipped her top to reveal her breasts, quite large (Not good with sizes) and had no real signs of sagging, around the nips were a little worse for wear but not that bad really. After having a bit of a feel and suck she then lay down and started to play with herself a little, I quickly chose to dive my head in and she seemed to like it (I usually expect a bit of odur and not such a good taste after experience with other older woman, being a younger guy) but she was very clean, no odor at all really and tasted good. She then stood back up and I lay down, grabbed my hands up to her pussy and then i started to play with her, fingers inside and all, she allows that and seems to want that, she got pretty wet. This then proceeded to her then shoving her pussy into my face, more licking etc. The hat went on and I was thinking hang on a minute, aren't we missing a BJ (states OWO so that's what gave me this impression) but she did proceed to give me a covered BJ. Now, as she does state that she does OWO then this is one of my negative points. However, due me not meeting her preferences on guys as said on her profile and not asking about it, I let it slide. BJ was generally good for covered, covered by the thickest condom imaginable. Bit too much tooth work for me but pretty good,lots of eye contact. Onto sex, she gets on top and rides away for a good few mins, just the way I like it, fast and making the most of my length  :D Now doggy, she the starts to respond more as I pound away, I guess she prefers doggy... My knees start to give in from all the stuff I had done earlier so I choose to stand with her bent on the bed, much better and more response from her. By the time I feel like switching position again time is pretty much up. She tries her best to finish me off with a mix of BJ and HJ but the little man just wan't having it. After a bit of discussion over why I couldn't finish, I decided to ask for Manuela. In she came looks awesome in her black dress and hold ups. Also, Those wondering about anal, well it was on the table but by the time I had asked, I had already used a lot of time up so couldn't really get anal.

So, Would I go back again? I would perhaps consider it, if anal, French kissing and OWO were going to happen. As for Manuela, I just can't get enough haha, I will be going again, for sure.

+Looks great for age
+What she does provide is good
+Nice and friendly

-Didn't get OWO (Maybe she would on a 2nd meet, who knows and I may never find out)
-No anal (Not particularly her fault I guess)
-Super thick condom, can hardly feel anything

https://www.adultwork.com/3204324 or https://www.adultwork.com/52Anal%2DBusty%2DMature

https://www.adultwork.com/3447129 or https://www.adultwork.com/BrasilianManuela
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