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Author Topic: Personal punting traditions  (Read 1519 times)

Offline RedKettle

I always smoke after sex. Bit cliche but I only ever smoke after fucking a WG, think I used to do it to cover up any sex or perfume smells and just became habit :unknown:

I have not smoked for decades but I had a punt the other day and I knew at the end that the girl was going to have a smoke - I had a really strong urge to beg one off her and join her for a smoke.  Very strange.

Managed to resist - would have been ironic after a hour shagging a beautiful young woman to have received a rollocking from the OH for smoking!

Offline stevedave

I enjoy punting on fridays. Maybe its the thought of a day off the next day.

Wednesday seems to be the day for me at the moment, though not today as nobody local took my fancy. Friday is sorted though!

As for punting traditions...triple checking the cash En route to the punt. Making sure my phone is on silent. And I always have a shower when I arrive, irregardless of whether I've had one before I leave...I'd rather they know I'm clean than just taking my word for it.

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