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Author Topic: Lexi Ryder of Bradford - Incall £60 for 30 minutes  (Read 1242 times)

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First of all, i'll admit I didn't think to review her on here on any of the previous 3 occasions I've seen Lexi, but I honestly assumed that as she'd got so much feedback on AW she'd have a ton on here too. I genuinely can't believe there aren't more reviews of her on here. So I guess this isn't a specific review of my most recent meet, but more an amalgamation of all of them I've had, as each time it's been pretty much the same service across the board with her...

Anyways, here goes - so this was my 4th time visiting Lexi and this was my 4th time have an absolute blast. If you don't know, Lexi Ryder is a UK Pornstar. You can find videos of her online and she's one of the Killergram girls (sorry, not sure on the rules on this site about posting links to one of the free video sites - if someone confirms its okay i'll find ones of her and post the links below). Now, if you bear that in mind i'll think you'll get an idea for the kind of girl she is when you realise she only charges £60 for 30 mins and £120 for the hour (think she did used to do £100 for the hour up until recently. I dunno, did the government add some extra tax to escorting in the budget maybe??) - Generally a WG who ends up on Killergram would go on to start charging ridiculous rates as they deem they are now a higher calibre. Not Lexi. She just generally seems to enjoy sex and so her rates are frankly exceptional for the service she offers.

Communications with Lexi are always spot on. I messaged her by text on each occasion and she always responds promptly and is concise and clear in her messages. It's always easy to work out an agreed time, duration and any additional requests with her. She's always plain and up front - eg, she does charge some extra's like for Facials, wearing a specific outfit at short notice, etc, but if you ask her in a message she'll always be upfront and make it clear. she's always been accommodating, accepting short notice bookings on occasion and always makes sure that an agreed time suits both parties. She also responds well to any emails on AW, so anyone with any questions for her can send them to her on there and should be guaranteed a response.

Location wise, I think she tours now and again, so maybe worth keeping an eye out for when she's moving around, but her 'home' incalls are from Bradford. Now, Bradford isn't the most modern and upmarket of cities. Although the centre is quite nice, it generally is a bit of a dive (err, no offense to anyone from Bradford on here). Lexi is located about 5 minutes from Foster Square train station, right near the main city centre shopping precinct. Easy to locate and she does give clear and accurate directions. I'll be honest, the exterior of the building itself is a bit rundown and it's in an area where it looks like development is going on in the surrounding buildings (looks like there's a lot of conversion into flats going on). But, once inside the actual apartment is good; she keeps it clean and uncluttered, its fairly modern and spacious and serves it's purpose well. The bathroom has plenty of room and is again well kept and there were fresh towels and plenty of toiletries on offer each time I've been.

When you first enter, Lexi always does that 'hiding behind the door' thing that I find exciting - she generally will be wearing a tight fitting, skimpy dress that makes her look very very hot. It's what I'd describe as a 'clubbers' dress style, I'd say, although I'm sure if you'd prefer her to be more conservative and asked in advance she'd be accommodating. She usually wears high heels too, as she's actually shorter than you first realise when she takes them off.

As I usually book 30 minutes at a time with her, when I've stepped out of the bathroom she's been waiting for me naked on the bed. Again, if you wanted her to remain dressed so you could peel her out of her dress, I'm sure she'd do that (plus in a longer booking I think she'd be like that anyway). THe bedroom is spacious and the bed is big enough to have fun on. She has a little telly in the room that she has playing some porn on - I've never seen there be one of her own scenes playing though and what does show appears to be quite high end stuff, not just random internet porn. Maybe it's a promo DVD from killergram, to be honest I've never really paid it much attention!

So, Lexi herself. As I say, most of the time I've emerged from having a shower to find Lexi waiting naked apart from her high heels. Her pictures are pretty much what she looks like, although I'd say she is better in person and actually better when she doesn't have as much make-up on as in her pics. She has a shapely, toned body, magnificent looking fake breasts, long flowing platinum hair and big luscious pornstar lips. Facially, I'd describe her as nice looking. I don't want to do her a disservice, because she is pretty, but I wouldn't describe her as a stunner. Again, this isn't a negative on her looks. She is lovely to look at - I'd just say that there are prettier girls on AW and if you ranked them on facial looks you'd probably put others ahead of her. Again, this isn't a negative on her. The best way to judge for yourself is to check out her pics but mostly check out her vids, Especially her own 'private' videos on her profile as opposed to her Porn work, as for me they give a better example of what she's like in person. I will say that the thought of looking down and seeing your cock in her mouth and those sultry eyes looking at you is immense - I think she's still got a few POV videos of her doing this in her own video collection, although you'll have to put up with the punter filming them 'talking' to her in them (no, it isn't me in any of them).

Onto her services, and frankly if you need me to describe what she's like all I can say is what the hell have you read to this point for without actually checking out one of her videos online! Still here? okay then - so she always starts by getting straight onto OWO. She just swoops down and gets straight to it. She gives good head, lots of saliva and spitting and has a great technique. She uses her full lips to great effect, running them up and down the shaft. She responds to direction as well. I asked her to lick my balls (which I love to happen) and she immediately started licking, sucking and teasing my sack. I said to her 'take it deep' as she was giving OWO and again, without hesitation she set herself, stared at me with her sexy eyes and slid my member down her throat. It was fantastic to behold.

Sex is also always fantastic. She's willing to get into any position, always asks which one we should start/move on to and is vigorous and enthusiastic throughout. but the absolute most amazing thing with Lexi is her dirty talking. She's so naughty with it, and it all seems to come so naturally to her. She's filthy and she just seems to enjoy giving pleasure to people, but the surprising thing is that it never feels forced. Her talk comes in her usual, girlish, soft-toned voices and is all the more erotic for it. She's also willing to kiss deeply, lots of tongue action and kissing those big full lips feels great. Her breasts are a joy to suckle and fondle in any position as well. They are fake and once again, without being a disservice to them I have felt better, more 'natural' feeling fake ones, if that makes sense. By no means are they bad, just very 'firm/hard', if that's the right term to use. Her nipples are very responsive though and I feel like I'm doing them a disservice when that isn't my intention. What I will say is if you like big fake boobs then you'll enjoy them.

Each time I've seen her we've done a variety of positions - she's always seemed to enjoy them all (always and I mean always talking dirty, calling herself a little slut and asking if I was enjoying fucking her) and I've finished either on her breasts or, on this last occasion, I paid the extra £20 to give her a facial. This was great and the site of her with my goo hanging on her lips and chin will stay with me for a while.

The most astonishing thing with her is that when you're at it and she's talking dirty, you can't help thinking she's an absolute slut/whore but then when you're done she becomes the most down to earth, chatty, friendly and lovely girl. She's great to just sit and chat to and she always seems interested in communicating with you rather than just passing the time. From speaking to her over my visits, I've gotten the impression that she's from a well off background, so seems that she genuinely is in this for the enjoyment rather than any necessity of because this was one of only a few avenues available to her. It does seem like she genuinely just loves sex. Which is fantastic. She's been to America earlier in the year and done some work out there, I think for Brazzers if I remember right. It doesn't seem to have gone to her head. She was the same, grounded, friendly girl I met before she went across the pond to the one I booked after she came back.

Overall I can't recommend her enough. If you want to visit a real pornstar and see what it's like to shag a really dirty talking girl who enjoys sex, then Lexi is 100% the one for you. I'm pretty sure that she'd tone down the dirty talking if you asked her to (although it does just seem to be her natural mode when screwing) but if you wanted a 'vanilla' GFE I'm sure there are others who would provide that. If you just are in need of a bit of a release and want to shag a hot looking, enthusiastic pornstar then you should book Lexi. Hopefully she won't make it as a big star in America and move over there too soon though!

Again, just as a final point I want to re-iterate that in no way when I describe her facial looks or her fake boobs was I stating them as a negative. Just pointing out that there are probably more 'model-like', glamorous and naturally pretty girls out there, and her breasts for me I considered just a bit too 'hard' when feeling, but I'm sure there are some out there who will love to play with them, and overall all I doubt you'll find many working girls who are as enthusiastic and who downright love sex as much as Lexi, so I wouldn't say that these two points should be your deciding factor alone. All depends on what you're looking for.

21 review(s) found for Lexi_Ryder linked to in above post (20 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Shame her tour rates are so much higher than her Bradford rates, particularly the half hour. I had her booked earlier in the year when she was in Manchester at a slightly more reasonable (still steep) rate, but she got rumbled and headed back over the hills pronto. As far as I'm aware she hasn't been back.

I wouldn't book at £160 on the hour though.


Shame her tour rates are so much higher than her Bradford rates

Suppose that does raise a good question (maybe more one for a separate nationwide topic) - how much of an increase is it acceptable for a girl on tour to raise their rates? I guess on the one hand they've got to cover the cost of travelling, hotels/apartments, etc but on the other it's not particularly fair on the rest for getting a rate that isn't the girl's 'standard' one

How do you post a new 'discussion' thread on this site? Might put that question to everyone, if it hasn't already been discussed...

Offline Moexxx

I'm booked in to see Lexi today at 4:55 at her Bradford incall location.

I'll drop a review this evening hopefully,

Good review  :drinks:  Iv been meaning to see her for some time but I'm lazy and the drive to Bradford keeps putting me of.

Offline stevedave

I'm booked in to see Lexi today at 4:55 at her Bradford incall location.

I'll drop a review this evening hopefully,

How did it go, Moe?

I've had Lexi on my hotlist for god knows how long but have never seen her...PSE advertised, but with no CIM or anal puts me off. That and the lips which just look a bit too over the top for me  :(

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