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Author Topic: Why so many outcall profiles?  (Read 421 times)

Offline Borat

Searching through AW I've noticed that a large proportion of new profiles are outcalls.
I know with outcalls prossies tend to charge more, which would surely mean fewer punters?
As recent SA recruit, I have had decent hotel meets for full evenings for the price of prossies hour.
I'm interested as to what's driving the outcall ratio?

It saves the wg,s renting a room.  I think out call should be less expensive than in calls as the only cost to the prossi is the taxi

Offline Borat

Absolutely, it makes sense to have taht sort of business plan as it will attract a lot of punters.
But prossies are at a different level of logic.

Offline saf1976

Cost and the stigma. A lot of girls who regularly go to the Britania in Coventry complain that they get looked at in a different way.

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