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Author Topic: Luscious-Mikki Southampton City Central 07424429081  (Read 332 times)

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The girl is the girl in the profile, but the picture must be very old, she is quite chubby and her face is rounder.
She told me she had been in Barnet till recently so there may be other posts about her.
Comms and finding the venue and parking was easy.
The service was nothing like that she alluded to in her profile.
She delivered a very muscle loosening massage (In fact I might have been tempted to try and clear some five bar gates if I hadn't been in the middle of the city).
Her sensual massage was amazing and the happy ending using fingers and mouth (OW) was great.
She is not very tactile, so I doubt if she is happy getting intimate or any close body contact.
Her english is reasonable and she chats a lot. She is mainly here to learn vernacular English.
Would I return, No, I have found far more Entertainment, stimulation and arousal elsewhere for £100
I should think she does fairly well with late night reverlers as she is right at the center of night life in the city.
VFM 5/10

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