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Author Topic: Naughty Natt - Paddington in-call  (Read 1502 times)

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Online stewpid


Time/Price - £120 for 1 hour

Although I had another WG already selected for my next punt I changed my mind and chose Natt instead, based on some very positive recent review (thanks to those reviewers) and also I had been feeling a little down in the dumps recently and wanted a young and pretty thing to play with to cheer myself up.

Comms all by text and were ok. Initial texts were answered quickly and I was booking in advance by a few days. Natt's texts were functional  and after I confirmed the date and time with her and asked her if she wanted me to also send a AW booking request  I did that and asked her to confirm she had received that but then I didn't hear back from her. I left it a day and prompted her by text again and this time got a reply that everything was set and with the initial address details. Not the best in that I needed to chase but fairly typical for a lot of WGs out there. Also she did not confirm the booking on AW and hasn't since.

On the day before about an hour before the appointment time I got another text asking if it was ok to move the start by 10 minutes, not really an issue and at least it acted as another confirmation the meet was still on.

So I made my way to the location in Paddington (does this borough have the record for the most working girls in one postcode?) and got the text with the final address around 5 minutes before the new start time. Only problem was Natt had not also given me the flat number to call and so I had to text her again and have a little nervous minute outside while I waited for her to reply.

Once inside I greet Natt and get my first good look at her. She's cute but I'm not initially blown away, I think previous reviewers who referred to model-like looks may have been over-egging it somewhat but she is certainly young, slim, tanned and has beautiful eyes. She is a little shy at first but I am offered a drink and a shower and I sort out the money before taking advantage of the latter. The flat itself is fairly small, not somewhere you'd want to live really but perfectly functional and fit for the purpose of being a working flat I suppose.

Out of the shower and I'm lead to the bedroom which is just about big enough to hold the double-bed and standing up we begin to kiss, light FK to start before moving to DFK as my hands move around her body finding her perfect little peach of an ass, it's really her best feature and I can't get enough of it in the session. Soon her top and denim shorts come off to reveal some cute little red bra and panties and as we kiss those amazing eyes are looking into mine while she's fondling the top of my cock.

Without any prompting she then drops to her knees and takes my cock into her mouth while looking up at me with sultry eyes. Her OWO is very good, she varies the technique and uses her tongue stud to amazing effect, flicking it around the shaft and tip alternatively. There's some attempt at DT, nothing major and no porn star gagging but a few attempts that felt fantastic.

We move to the bed and remove her bra and panties, her tits are not that big unfortunately but there's enough to play with and suck. I indulge in more DFK as I get to grips with her young body, mostly that great little firm ass giving it a few light spanks. Altough I could just stay entwined with her, wrestling tongues while she looks into my eyes, it's time for the main course and with mac applied we move into CG. She starts slow as I suck on her tits but before long she's picked up the pace, grinding away and then furiously pumping my cock, squeezing it with her pussy. Jesus this girl can ride and although I'm usually a one-pop guy, and I should at this point tell her to slow down, it just feels too good to stop and so the inevitable happens.

She helps me clean up and we take a break, cuddle up and have a chat. Natt is Lithuanian/Polish mix and has been in the UK for a year and half and her English isn't that bad. We make conversation and develop a little bit of playful banter. She's then fondling my cock back into life and with the help of some more DFK it's back to life in record time.

She moves down between my legs and starts some cock worship style OWO, licking the length of the shaft before taking the head while looking at me with those sultry eyes again. With the main pop done I can lie back and really enjoy it now, admiring her technique even more. The sight of this young cute thing going at it will stay in the memory for a while.

Another condom on and we move to mish, it's my turn to fuck her and I start slow and deep with plenty of DFK before working up a rhythm and give her a bit of a light pounding while she slaps my ass back. Once I tire of that we move back into CG, I know I'm probably not going to cum again but its fun to let her try to get it out of me and using her same technique she almost comes close but it is a losing battle unfortunately. At least I managed to give her a bit of a fucking back.

I'm conscious of the time but I'm not being rushed (Natt only checks the time when I ask her to) and there's still some cuddling and kissing. I could have stayed like that for a lot longer but I'm not a guy to take the piss and so I reluctantly separate myself from Natt, shower and then kiss her goodbye with a final grope of that ass.

So a pretty damn good GFE with a slim, young and cute EE girl that did the job of raising the spirits (and much more!). Natt is a good girl and while shy at first she will deliver a convincing experience with no clockwatching.

Although there's still plenty more girls on the HL to visit I can see a return call to Natt will not be very far in the future.

19 review(s) found for _Naughty-Natt_ linked to in above post (19 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Seems like her recent break has done her good  :hi:

Offline mrhappypants

Thanks.  You give a vivid picture of her service and the detail around how you booked her is particularly useful and much appreciated.


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