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Author Topic: London English-Lucy-18 BLEW me away....  (Read 2578 times)

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Online Bilbao

https://www.adultwork.com/3400726 or https://www.adultwork.com/English%2DLucy%2D18

I keep a London new member search active and quickly view them, some i dump and others I might drop a mail to. I saw this lass pop up, no pictures, but sounded intriguing. I dropped her a quick mail asking if she might share a pic and she duly replied from her mail account to mine with a face pic and a couple of her tits OMFG monsters! So i arranged a meet a few weeks ahead for 2hrs at my hotel - we emailed back and forth a few times - you just get a vibe for something that is genuine and I got this with Lucy... I was a bit worried and excited about seeing a girl as young as her (I'm the wrong side of 50, but in good shape), my god I needn't have been concerned at all.

The girl:
She is quite short (5'4) and carries a bit of puppy fat - I don't mean that in a bad way, I don't like skinny birds, but if you do she isn't for you. She is exactly like the pics she sent me, albeit she was just dressed casual in trousers and top. Her boobs were obvious from the off.... She has long thin dark hair and very piercing eyes. She is very pretty, not a stunner, a minx....She is very friendly, giggly, easy to talk to and was keen to get down to it...Like many I like to see - she's a part timer, doing this to get some extra cash as she goes thru studies...

If this is fluffy - fuck you I dont care....We started off with a chat and a drink and then we both stood and just started kissing, DFK from the off. Her top came off and my god there were the girls - monster titties, just waiting to be sucked on. We were pretty soon both naked on the bed and she was sucking me  - helloooooo - and this is really where she came into her own - can she blow - more in a bit.

Next I dropped between her legs and tasted her pussy, already wet and great. Tongued her to an orgasm - she was super responsive to it and she seemed surprised to have come so quick (capt. cunni strikes again). Now she wanted that cock back in her mouth and fucking hell - i can honestly say i was shocked at how good she was at this - no hands, no teeth, wet, sloppy with that rythmic kershlopp, kershlopp sound, interspersed with her gagging herself on it just a little - like a train building up a head of steam - which I was by now.... she said she loves giving head and it showed.. It wasnt long before I could feel the sap rising and asked to slow down, and she did into slow-mo fucking awesome and then kaboom - weeks worth of jizz neatly deposited into her mouth; some she let drip over her hand and my cock and the rest she went off to deposit into the sink....sorry guys just had to repeat that awesome bit as it was the best part of the meet....

After recovering and a cuddle under the covers we carried on with more owo, RO to more orgasms followed by CG with lots of tit sucking and finished in mish - her favorite position. Popped in the bag.

More chat and cuddles, almost made a 3rd with her, but i ran out of steam at the end, though we were in mish for ages - she really does like it....

She stayed a little over the allotted time, so absolutely no clock watcher.

An awesome meet, she is one I will definitely hook up with again in the future if she is still about - just for another of those juicy lucy blowjobs!

1 review(s) found for English-Lucy-18 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline cumtwice

Facially - what would you give her out of 10?

Online Bilbao

subjective I know - but 8 I would say. certainly if she made herself up like her photos which were not retouched then easy an 8.

Offline Cunning Punt

Good work, sir!  :hi:

Thanks for sharing. Shame she doesn't do incalls, though as she seems to genuinely be a teenager, that's not surprising.

Online Bilbao

Yes she is I would say she is in the range 18-21

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