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Author Topic: AnalyaAngel, Glasgow  (Read 751 times)

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Second time with Analya (yes I posted another review on her just a week ago but felt compelled to give her another one!).

Definitely a step up from our introductory meet!

Arranged this morning via text and agreed on an outcall. Was asked if I'd like her to bring anything and we settled on a secretary outfit this time (last week was schoolgirl), and I in return would supply the prosecco (more on that later!).

Analya showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Conversation was still a bit stilted in terms of topics, but she was very chatty and suggested she go get changed.

Came back looking stunning! Having met Eva, whom she's close friends with (still weird hearing Analya talk about her flatmate and knowing who she means!), I'd say my preference is now firmly with Analya who seems to enjoy her bookings more than Eva has (or maybe its just me Eva has a problem with!).

If you like the slowly slowly catchy monkey, then Analya has this down to a fine art. LOTS of sensual kissing, nibbling of ears, stroking and all the rest. We slowly undressed each other, and eventually led to OWO.

Not knowing what to expect on her first visit, I was well prepared this time and more observant of how she goes about OWO. Soft, sensual and teasing is the best way to sum it up. Lots of liking of the balls and shaft, only now and again going for the fully loaded mouthful. With a bit more of a concerted effort she could have finished me off there (last week it didn't take very long at all and finished with CIM).

More teasing led to me giving her oral, and then we went at it like rabbits.

She is by far the tightest hole I've ever had the pleasure of. Previous "ladies of the night" have described me as 'girthy' and with Analya its almost too tight, but my god does it feel good!

Unfortunately we ran out of time for pop no. 2 (I had plans on more OWO and CIM), but I managed to make it a memorable night by accidentally spilling my glass of prosecco on her while we were lying on the bed...I'm sure it was freezing cold, but she laughed it off whilst I apologised profusely! Luckily the baby wipes were at hand!

Definitely a fan of Analya. Her outcall rate is right at the top of end of my radar so will need to reserve her for the odd treat, but I'll definitely be going back for more!  :D

16 review(s) found for AnalyaAngel linked to in above post (15 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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Great review of a girl who continues to intrigue me.
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