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Author Topic: Jade Fox - West London  (Read 1690 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3326362 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jade+Fox

Like others, I found Jade through UKE. I made this booking way back in March and her comms are one of the best. Prompt replies to emails, and couple weeks later she sent another email asking what I would like to drink, etc. The vibe I got from them, I knew I was very likely to have a good time with Jade. Before I had even seen her, I made another booking to see her when she is back in May!

Really nice luxury hotel in West London

Jade is hot as fuck! She is like one of those milf pornstars that you cannot believe has such an amazing body and wish you could fuck, well wish come true haha. Beforehand, she had asked me what outfit I wanted her to wear, I said birthday suit, because I honestly felt from her pictures she looked so much better naked. For lot of women, clothes can add to their sexiness, but for Jade I think it's the opposite.

Jade opened the door naked (well she had heels on), just like I had joked about, and also provided me water as I had requested for my drink beforehand, so her attention to detail is definitely there.

Once out the shower, I joined her on the couch and had a brief chat, before she got close. Some FK and she was down on her knees deepthroating and spitting. Made our way over to the bed, where I could return the favour. Loved giving her RO, so nice and responsive. Made her orgasm and enjoyed seeing and feeling her shudder repeatedly.
Her turn for deepthroat again, with me standing by the bed while she was on fours and I could grope her lovely toned butt. Got her with her head hanging off for edge of the bed so I could slowly and deeply facefuck her. This is my favourite, being able to push my cock all the way down the throat to the hilt. Alternated between faster thrusts and slow holding-it-deeply down her throat. Fondling her boobs and fingering her clit while my cock was jammed down her mouth was nice also. At one point I pulled out and rubbed her spit on her face, before FK and shoving it back in her mouth. Whole thing just felt amazing!
I decided to repay her awesome oral with more RO, to get her to cum for the 2nd time.

Into missionary, where I didn't last long for my first cum.

During downtime, the time just flew by as we had a chat and some good laughs. I had looked at the clock and there was just over 10 minutes left! Thought we wouldn't have enough time to do anything else, but Jade had other ideas.
Turned on some music and got to sucking, getting me hard in super quick time. On with the condom and started in doggy, before moving back to several variations in missionary, where I went at it until she came for her 3rd time.
I saw that time was now up, so straight into the shower I went.

Jade is great fun. I had an amazing time, and can't wait for next month!

26 review(s) found for Jade_Fox linked to in above post (26 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline ciscoxxx69

Great review  :drinks:

Nice to see another review from this HotAsFuck UberMilf from another respected reviewer.... :hi:

Her comms and teasing UKE photos are second to none and she exudes Sex from every pore when you meet her....certainly the real deal, and among my current fave Muse's..... :P

Lucky Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol will be getting hit by the MJF express soon.......pity I cant get to Manchester otherwise she would be getting another Filthy Facial from me......

Just sayin'  :hi:

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

haha can't be so greedy cisco...and as long as she always includes London as one of her tour stops then that's fine  :D

Offline ciscoxxx69

haha can't be so greedy cisco...and as long as she always includes London as one of her tour stops then that's fine  :D

As luck would have it, she maybe including Birmingham next week which is more manageable for me......
Would be a shame to miss out on another Spunky facial don't you think....?  :lol:

She'll certainly be getting one from me everything she's in London for sure....... :P :dance: :cool:

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