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Author Topic: YourSexyTina Thai massage - TOFTT in Aberdeen  (Read 1233 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3461773 or https://www.adultwork.com/yoursexytina

I have been watching on UKP for a little while to see whether I would join in.  I have been punting for over ten years in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Aberdeen, so I'm not a punting newbie.  I have posted over a hundred reviews on Capt69, auto-censored and AW over the years, but this is my first UKP review.  I rather like the core of sincere, experienced punters on here who share their experiences generously.  After all, it saves us time and money if a fellow punter gives others the heads up for good or bad experiences.  Sadly, there is a small minority of keyboard warriors on here who simply can't help being rude, smarmy arseholes and post stuff that, if said to another bloke in the pub, would probably get them a sore face - but they should be ignored. 

Anyway... my time in London gave me a lifelong appreciation of Thai massage from lithe, sexy Thai women, and Aberdeen has been a bit lacking in this regard lately, especially since Amily left about six months ago.  After getting no answer from Honey Thai, I decided to TOFTT with the unreviewed YourSexyTina, and at £80 for the hour, it didn't amount to a big risk.  Comms were easy, and her English was adequate to book over the phone. I was directed to a slightly shabby tenement down in an area of Aberdeen known now as 'Little Poland', where cheap-looking women with badly dyed hair abound, and doorways are often cluttered with tattood, dodgy-looking skinhead hoodie types chain smoking and glowering at passers by.  Same shit, different city, really, but if you are used to city life, it shouldn't faze you.  Got parked half way up Victoria Road, so that was fine.

The front door of the building was unlocked, so I could make my way straight in.  On the stairs, I met an older oriental woman tidying up who I guessed was the Mama-san and she directed me to the correct door.  Tina greeted me at the door smiling in a figure-hugging pink mini dress. I was offered a shower, but declined as I had just had one, and shown into a warm, clean room with a big bed where she spread a fresh, large towel.  I was offered and accepted a cool drink, and we agreed £80 for an hour of body to body Thai massage with some oral.   Payment was made and taken off to the Mama-san next door somewhere. Tina was chatty and friendly, pretty, but not stunning and about 5'1", slim and with longish hair.  Late 20's, I'd say, a size 4 to 6, with tiny hands and feet, and she smelled clean and fresh.  Smallish boobs, but a stunning, round little arse. Tina put on some twangy Thai music on her tablet, but it was low enough to not be annoying.  Down to business, and after about 25-30 minutes of competent oily massage the length of my body, I turned over and let Tina set about my front. Tina soon got my blood way up with lots of oily rubbing, light kisses, nipple licking and using her whole body to arouse me.  She didn't mind being touched, squeezed and probed, and when I explored her super-tight pussy, I found it to be soaking wet. Rather than beat about the bush seeing what I could get away with at no extra cost, I negotiated an upgrade with twenty quid to include 69/RO and OWO with CIM.  The last twenty minutes was lots of fun, with a much-improved BJ experience once I got her slowed down to the right depth and speed.  She needed a gentle reminder to keep sucking when she tried to make it more HJ as the end approached, and the force and volume of my cumming took her by surprise as it hit the back of her throat, making her gag.  She didn't seem too happy at that, and took her mouth away, but at least kept pumping until I was totally spent.  Then she scrambled for wet wipes to deal with the deluge now running down her chin.  Oops.  She cleaned me up with about two packs of wet wipes and offered me a shower, which I declined, so instead she rubbed all excess oil off with a towel.  It was just on the hour, so the timing was perfect, and with a quick wash up in the functional, clean-ish bathroom, she gave me a smile and a kiss and I was happily on my way.

Would I go back?  Maybe. I would have liked to fuck her, given how tight her pussy felt  with just my finger, but I did not go there expecting it, and it was clearly off the menu.  Rather than a proper Thai massage, it was very pleasant, but more just a massage by a Thai woman.  That said, Tina was very welcoming, clean and polite and the experience enjoyable and relaxing.  And VFM enough at £100, in my view, and an easy positive review.  She says she will be here for two more weeks, before going to Newcastle.

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1 review(s) found for Champagne massage linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline chinafan

I think this is the same Tina who was working in Glasgow during 2015. She's some ride, even though she's very slim. Last time I saw her I arrived at Mona's flat before her. She was dressed in her civvies and looked cracking, which I commented on.

Mona asked if I wanted as is, ie. dressed in her civvies. I said yes! We had a great session slowly peeling off each other's clothes, before 69 then mish, during which I couldn't hold back. Very sexy encounter overall, kinda like meeting a fucking a hot Thai woman off the street...

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