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Author Topic: Escortscarlett in Batley  (Read 852 times)

15 review(s) for Escortscarlett (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online cueball

https://www.adultwork.com/3198471 or https://www.adultwork.com/Escortscarlett

Enthusiastically bouncing out of my stick it where you like at the right money milfs hotlist comes this lass. I've shared many a wooly pm with my punting brethren on the wrong side of the pennines about this lass, there's plenty of reviews, threads, chatter and recommendations over this lass. I don't like to miss out on a raunchy milf, so she became my next covert podging raid over the border into the Yorkshire pudding team's territory.

Comms.... very good comms, small email exchange, phone numbers swapped and a decent natter on the phone. Day and time established and postcode passed on immediately, just the way I like it and just the way it should be done.

Venue.....  very good. Nice clean house in a batley suburb, all free parking in the area and out of eye shot if you prefer (I do). I'm not from the area but judging by the state of the houses and the kind of motors parked up I'd say it was a decent area that is good for any time of day punting.

Looks......  Yes, it's her in the pictures. The pics are genuine and accurate. Her stated age is more or less accurate, she's in her forties but she's got a body that could give lasses in their thirties a run for their money. She's curvy without being fat, she has a perky pair of tits and great soft skin. I were more than happy with her looks, definately one of the better milfs I've podged.

The action.... strap in, there's plenty to this. I knock on the door and she answers dressed as requested. Shower and drink both offered but declined as I'm ready to go.
Up the stairs we go and into the bedroom. Money sorted and we're in a clinch, stood up having a real good snog and feel up of each other. We both work at each others clothes until we're both down to our birthday suits, my hands are roaming everywhere on this lass whilst she gets to work wanking my rapidly stiffening cock.

Onto the bed, we're rolling around with faces locked until she slides down to give my bare cock a suck. She's got a nice technique, not mad deep throat but I'm liking it and the view.

I'm wanting some of her though, I put her on her back and work my way down to give her a good old lapping, she's not a fan of fingers but the licking seems welcome as she purrs along in a not over the top kind of way. She's got a nice, bald, clean pussy that tastes great, no lube, just natural.

69 next, on she clambers and we both get stuck in, no false action from this lass, both her palms are flat in the bed and her mouth is doing all the work.

I'm ready to go podging now though, on with the jacket and she climbs on for some rocking cg with me slapping her arse, sucking her nipples as they pass and loving the view.

Mish next, over we go for a session of hard pumping with me gripping her and getting stuck right in, we're both sweating on this one.

From mish we go to doggy, I pop right in and pump away to the chorus of arse flesh being thwacked. I have a plan though, I decided to slip an exploratory wet thumb up her wrong un to test the water and ask her "do you fancy some anal?"

"Yes" is her reply, bit of lube and in I push, I'm in and balls deep in seconds, she's loosens up and I go at her rusty sheriffs badge with mucho gusto, I'm withdrawing all the way out and plunging back in at full pelt, she's squealing, moaning, shouting, puffing, panting and gripping the bedding.

A move is on the cards, on her back she goes for some anal mish, it's not easy getting up the wrong un in mish but I'm in and pounding away at her. I'm at the plateau though, so there's plenty more activity in me.

Change of coat and I'm back to pounding her pussy in mish, more sweating and groaning from the pair of us.

Roll over to cg, we're both catching our breath during her rolling technique, I'm still sucking her nipples, slapping her arse and squeezing her tits though.

Doggy again, back in her pussy, but her chocolate starfish is calling out to me again, she's already lubed and loosened from earlier, so taking no prisoners, I plunge straight up her wrong un balls deep immediately. I'm getting a real head of steam up now, properly plunging in and out with her giving it plenty with the vocals (fuck the neighbours). I'm pounding so hard my pelvic bone is starting to get sore. She seems to love it so who am I to argue, I carry on pounding her, slapping her reddening arse cheeks giggling to myself.

She says "are you going to cum up my bum you naughty boy?"

I say "no, I'm going to cum in your mouth"

She says "you're a bad lad you"

I'm about to pop so out I come, off with the jacket and she gets to work sucking the load out of me. I pop a very large, edged and saved up load straight in her mouth. She spits in a tissue and I flop on the bed ten years older than what I were when I knocked on the door.

I'd done my hour in podging combat with this lass. I took a look at her with her make up running down her face, her hair all over the place, sweating and bedraggled, quite the opposite to the nicely made up lass that had made a genuine effort with her appearance when I knocked on the door. She suits that just been fucked look. We both needed a drink of water after that lot.

Clean up, I stagger back out into the real world gasping for a smoke, trying to walk with jelly legs.

To sum up.... Well, I had a right old session with this lass. Her likes list is generous and available but her rate is bang on. If you're like me with a taste for a raunchy milf and an extensive likes list then I gurantee a great punt here. As always, turn up clean, fresh, leave the weirdo at home and get stuck in.

Would I recommend
... Yes, it goes without saying.

Would I return... Yes, she's a drive for me but she's on the return rota.

15 review(s) found for Escortscarlett linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline stevedave

Great review pal, I thought you'd like her!

Must get that return visit sorted myself...

Offline Iblisuk

Not that I've visited everybody,  but definately in my to 5 girls.......just something about her.
Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

Another successful cross-border podging raid Cueball. Seems you chose well, presumably helped by our friends in Yorkshire?



Online cueball

 presumably helped by our friends in Yorkshire?

Yes, a couple of wooly brethren pointed me her way.

Offline stevedave

Yes, a couple of wooly brethren pointed me her way.

We're really very nice over here you know, I'm not sure why you red rose brutes give us such a hard time  :D

Online cueball

I'm not sure why you red rose brutes give us such a hard time  :D

We're not brutes, us lancastrians are a friendly bunch, we just like to give a friendly poke in the eye  :lol:

Offline stevedave

We're not brutes, us lancastrians are a friendly bunch, we just like to give a friendly poke in the eye  :lol:

And various other places by the sounds of it!

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