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Author Topic: Cute Jenny (Leeds)  (Read 712 times)

11 review(s) for x CUTE JENNY x (8 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/2561302 or https://www.adultwork.com/x+CUTE+JENNY+x

An hour for £100

There is no longer any mention on her aw profile of CIM being an extra, I didn't ask about it and it wasn't offered although it is on the likes list  :unknown:

All comms was done by text - moving to actual phone calls when I was outside her apartment so she could make sure I was at the right entrance.

Venue - good central location, it's an apartment building opposite the novotel so there is ample paid parking nearby.  I buzzed her flat number went up in the lift and her flat was the only one visible when I exited the lift - nice and discreet.  Room was good too with an en suite.

The meet - Jenny is a good looking Polish girl with a good figure. She asked me what I liked (vanilla GFE, owo) I declined the offer of a massage and we got down to it.  Nice kissing - varying from light to passionate got lil bod fully in the mood, this proceeded to very nice owo indeed - she got the sap rising many times before backing off - was a nice mix of oral then breaking off for kissing then back to oral.  Minor complaint would be it went on a bit too long when I was ready for sex - but it did feel amazing so not really a complaint.

Sex started with her climbing on top of me - good kissing throughout -  I was enjoying myself too much so didn't change position and before I knew it I'd filled the bag.  Not to worry thought I - will have plenty of opportunities for other positions in round 2.

I was offered wet wipes to clean myself up then lay back while we had a nice chat.  Was fairly interesting - she's an intelligent girl and was a good conversation.  Now for the negative bit - before I knew it she was telling me she was a bad girl and we only had 2 minutes left - so basically she kept talking at me for the rest of the meet.  If that had been the end of it then this review would have been a negative but instead she gave me oral again but stopped sucking at the last minute so my man goo shot over my belly.  So no CIM then even though it's listed as being on offer.

I enjoyed my time with Jenny - she's good company and provides a very good gfe but if you're a laid back punter like me that likes to go with the flow then I ended up feeling a little bit taken advantage of.

If I go see her again then I now know I need to be a bit more assertive.
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11 review(s) found for x CUTE JENNY x linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline p3ngu1n

If ever there was a commemorative total number of reviews worthy of a pun, you've done it bod! 69 :cool:

Sorry you feel like that bod. I feel responsible as I was praising her a lot.

I still think she's great and I stand by my reviews but I hope your next punt will be better.

Offline bod666

All the action was great so I can see why you rate her - however I'm never happy when I have to get the girl to shut up to initiate round 2!

Offline stevedave

Have to admit, I've never chatted that much with her, a little pre and post action perhaps. But I've never seen her for more than half an hour, so that might have summat to do with it.

Sorry it didn't live up to expectations, bod.

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