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Author Topic: TOFTT - aberdeen  (Read 868 times)

Offline WeeTodger

Right I've decided that punting the weekend or during the next week and since my safety is away I'm going to do a solid for the lads and try something new and then write a review.

Does anybody have any suggestions of who the lucky lady shall be? Preferably someone that's either new or not been review yet.

I vote for www.adultwork.com/Sophisticated+Paris
I posted a query about her here
I think she looks promising - only 70 quid to find out for us

2 review(s) found for Sophisticated Paris linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline wanda11x

jennifer anniston look a like is in a brothel behind john lewis, get a choice when entering not much effort giving

Offline bluetable

Anything worth seeing when you're in there in the place, or are they all munts, lol

Said she is in Torry on the profile.

Who else is in the line up fropm VS?

Scrap the Torry location.  Does say George street.  Was Torry when I messaged a while ago.

Anyone been to the flat at the top of George Street with Romanians?  Number 685ish, I deleted the texts, Top floor.  Full of Fake profiles.

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