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    Seems very nice, and I remember she briefly worked at Diamonds earlier this year or last year, then went back to being an indie. No idea if that's a good or a bad thing. Hasn't updated her pics in a long time. Maybe doesn't need to? I took a look at her private gallery a while ago, and there were pics of her with "Anya" who was a well respected escort who used to work for a few agencies, and I met her once, and I guess if she got on with Tiff, then that's a good sign.

    Anyone met her?

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    I really wanted to. She looks absolutely gorgeous. And red heads are my thing more so than blondes and brunettes.

    I had booked her for my very first venture down the escorting route. So I admit I was extremely green and did not know the conventions at all. But she messed me around no end. Cancelled four bookings in a row. And cancelled them by simply not answering the phone after telling me to go to areas to phone from on wild goose chases; she's a "go here, and then phone to get the house number person". I went there, phoned and she never picked up and I am feeling very self concious not knowing what to do.

    Here is the topic


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    i had her to mine about a year ago, pics looked mint, so booked 2 hours as that's all she would come this far for, was a little shocked as pics must have been old seemed to have been on the pie diet, tits big and juicy, but would not shut up about her boy friend and she did coke and stuff at the clubs, sent her home after an hour with her full money, still fucked her once but i had had enough, maybe it was me, im 52 and she is young, maybe a younger guy might hit it off better, but id never want to see her again, just not my cup of tea it seemed

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    oooooooooooooh dear.

    AnthG, that sounds weird. But yes...she's so cute. I'm sure I saw her in Newcastle a month or so ago as well. Anyway, despite the positive feedback on her page I might give her a miss. Probably not a good sign that she went to work for Diamonds and then went back to being an indie.

    Daveev, regardless of your age you'd think a good indie escort would be able to handle any situation she was a little uncomfortable with, with tact and treat people equally, and certainly not tell you about her personal love life and drug habits. Sounds pretty shocking. I had a similar thing happen with an escort once where at the start of the appointment, her phone rang as she was undressing. She answered it, and mouthed "it's my boyfriend". And literally started having a conversation with him. So I did what I thought was the best thing to do in that situation, I promptly went down on her! She retired for a time, but then cropped up again so I went to see her (she was gorgeous) and the appointment went way better than last time, but she asked if I minded if she smoked, and I said I'd rather she didn't...then she went out for a smoke anyway, but tried to hide it.... weird. Really oblivious to the world around her, and totally self-centered. Needless to say I didn't bother again. (But OMG why are the pretty ones always insane?)

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    for me it was her face pictures, she just looked so cute and sweet, but she looks nothing like the cute girl in the pictures these days, she was doing cam work which would have been a good idea to book for a small time to see, but now she has stopped that, she needs some up to date pictures then every one can see how she is now, maybe she is back being a cutie, it makes me laugh when i think back cos i was sat there thinking how do i get her out of here and not hurt her feelings, so i told her im 50 and i can only go once so if she wants to call her driver and go it will be ok,  just put her down as a bad bet on the horses, i never left feed back because i don't like to leave bad stuff, it was not so bad cos i still fucked, but when you have had some mega ones she is well down the list for me :(:(

    Online AnthG

    I just get the impression she is just totally disorganised. Does this job willy nilly when she can be bothered and not when she cannot.

    When I booked her she was charging £140 per hour. For her to shortly after this go work for Diamonds speaks volumes as they only get something like £50 of the £100 per hour.

    For me, like I say I arranged a booking and when I was at the location I was told to go the day before (she said confirm the booking the night before) and I telephoned. She never answered. I never gave up and kept ringing and ringing for 30 odd minutes out in the street feeling like a right creep to be told she was having her period. I said I do not mind I will still come and book you for the 2 hrs (so £280) and we can just not have sex (a goldmine to any escort some guy saying this) and she still knocked me back saying when women get periods they are too unwell to do anything. And I was like sorry I didn't know. And she responded how could you know.

    More so meaning looking back at it she had double booked.

    We rearranged it for the next day. This time I did not leave the house and phoned her from the house to confirm beforehand. And she said she is not well still from the periods. Can we do it the following week.

    I then get an email a couple of days before that saying she cannot do the following week and can no longer do incalls at all no more. Can she come to my place. I refuse that option so we agree to book a hotel (Jurys Inn) and I will pay for it.

    Given that I had been knocked back three times and ran around more times that I cared to imagine. But still was hoping to see her. I was not having much of it. I said she can book the hotel and I will reimburse her the costs of the booking and also give her the fees for 2hrs ontop (£280 and hotel fees ontop - the costs for a bit of fun was all raking up).

    On that day we arranged for the booking to the hotel she just never answered her phone and never read the emails at all.

    If she did all that to pass up £280. And then works for Diamonds for £50 / hour suggests inability to manage her own profile.

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    Last good feedback was June, and I've noticed she still has pics of her with "anya" according to the titles of her private gallery. I must have seen those a couple of years back, as she retired a long while back.

    Oh well. Hope she can pull herself out of whatever rut she's in, but what can you do?

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