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Author Topic: Tula T.T of Bradford  (Read 843 times)

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Online dubs

https://www.adultwork.com/3195709 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tula%2ET%2ET

1 hour, £140

I liked the look of Tula from her AW gallery and have rarely seen an alt-girl / suicide girl look so made a booking.  Comms were good and she gave me a postcode which was close to a large supermarket ideal for parking.

I arrived with 15 minutes to spare for my 1 hour booking and politely texted her to say I was ready when she was, but got a terse reply reminding me of my booking time, 9pm and to contact her then.  So, on the dot of 9pm I called and was given directions to a dodgy looking dark alley behind a shop where she could check me out from her window I guess.  I waited there for a couple of minutes and she came down to meet me wearing a thick fleecy dressing gown.  Things were not going well so far.

I was led up the stairs to the flat above the shop and into a very cold lounge.  I was going to have a shower and she insisted on one anyway but the bathroom was cold, dank and pretty unpleasant.  The toilet looked like the scene from trainspotting.  The floor was damp and there was nowhere to put my clothes.  The shower cubicle had a broken door which could not be closed but at least there was some warm water and shower gel.  I really should have walked from this one, but she had already asked me for the money.

Anyway, I finished showering, walked through the freezing room trying to hold a towel round me and carrying my clothes and was led up another flight of stairs to the bedroom which thankfully was warmer and more welcoming.

Tula is very slim, has many tattoos, dreadlocks, a pretty face with full lips.  She is totally flat chested so if you’re a boob man, look elsewhere.  She seems bright and is happy to chat on various subjects.

Tula asked if I minded if she had a cigarette, as she had been busy and needed one.  I agreed as I assumed the 5 minute smoke would not be taken out of the time I was paying for.  She then spent some time asking about my music tastes so she could find something I liked.  I’m not sure if this was another time wasting tactic or genuine attentiveness but by now it was about 9:20 and we had not even started any action.  She finished her cigarette and went off to clean her teeth to get rid of the ciggie taste for me.

It was about this time that the session improved.  Her demeanour warmed up, she started kissing, with DFK and gave me some good OWO to completion, spitting my cum into the bin beside the bed.  We then talked a while about our tattoos, I have a couple, she has loads of varying quality.  Then I started to initiate round 2 with some reverse oral.  Her pussy seemed clean enough but I don’t think she had had a full body shower before seeing me.  We managed a few brief position changes of doggy and cowgirl but then she checked the clock and told me I only had 5 minutes left.  I was pretty pissed off with this so I just got dressed and left, feeling short changed.  I checked my watch when back on the street and it was 10pm.  1 hour exactly, of which about 35 minutes was worth paying for.

It’s a shame she is such a time burner and her Bradford incall place is nasty because the time we actually spent shagging was good and she looks great if you’re into that style, she is also quite engaging with conversation but I can’t recommend and I won’t be returning.

1 review(s) found for Tula.T.T linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline cueball

I'd looked at this lass and thought her a maybe with her alt look.

She's a deffo no no now though.

Thanks for saving me a good few bob

Offline stevedave

Thanks for the review, I'd looked at her too as I like her look, but had a niggling doubt. Seemingly correctly!

Out of interest, she mentions deposits in her FAQ's - did you have to put a deposit down?

Online dubs

Thanks for the review, I'd looked at her too as I like her look, but had a niggling doubt. Seemingly correctly!

Out of interest, she mentions deposits in her FAQ's - did you have to put a deposit down?

She only wants deposits for outcalls I think.

Offline stevedave

She only wants deposits for outcalls I think.

Right, cheers! Well, after that review I don't think she'll be getting any kind of deposit from me  :lol:

Offline mrfishyfoo

Well thanks for the review fella. Shame she strung you along  :dash: :dash:.

Deleted from my HL.

Had also considered her myself many times - now removing from the list. Thanks.

Offline p3ngu1n

Cheers for the review - pity the punt was a let down.

Thanks for the review.

Really disappointed with this as was really fancying a dable.  Had been the price putting me off,  but maybe a bit more now!

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