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Author Topic: Lizzy Wilde - looked very familiar to me. Exquisite outcalling newcummer.  (Read 5322 times)

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Stumbled on her profile - https://www.adultwork.com/3487179 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lizzy+Wilde+
randomly as I was browsing the internet with my dick in my hand the other night having a half-hearted flaccid wank looking for sex workers.

Prompt return of emails, then texts, to arrange an hour long outcall for the stated price of £200. She employed perfect English bereft of text speak which reassured me that her profile was genuinely written by her, and that we were of similar intellect. Her comms were very good - keen to know about me, what my preferences were for the meet, who my favourite member of So Solid Crew is, that sort of stuff (it's MC Harvey).

She arrived bang on time and she DEFINITELY looked familiar to me, but I just couldn't place her. Anyway, you won't be disappointed with the way she looks - she's a lovely looking 23 year old British girl of 5 feet 9, with a pale complexion, lovely flawless skin, a ski jump nose and a fringe which gives her a slightly elfish look - can see her covered in garlands of flowers whilst wielding a bow and fighting a horde of rampaging Saxons in a wood in the 8th century. Happy to provide more information on this fantasy via DM if you would like. It gets quite detailed.

Anyway, quick orientation chat and then she's off to the bathroom to shower. Comes back to the bedroom and she's wearing a lacy red and black two piece with a bra that supported but left her B cup breasts open to the elements (no idea what it was called but it was great). Then we're snogging away, writhing round on the bed in an excitable melee of kissing, touching and disrobing. The next thing I know she's fellating me with the desperate gusto of a surfacing diver with a blocked snorkel. Then I'm at her minge with a similar level of enthusiasm, and it's a peach (literally - no, wait, figuratively) with a completely smooth texture, tightly packed and non-obtrusive flaps and a lovely aloe vera taste.

She's very responsive to oral and manual stimulation, exhibiting both vocal and manual encouragements, and she got wet very quickly. Then we're on to 69 and she's already moaning like a, er, sexually stimulated hooker (was stuck for a simile here) in anticipation of an orgasm.

So I decide to speed things along a bit by getting her on the floor on her knees, ejecting the weighty metallic butt plug that she had rammed up her cornshute and replacing it with my lubed up fuckstick. She applied a doxy to her clit and within about five minutes or my pounding her arse she came like an absolute trooper. Continued with the bumsex for a bit longer, with the vocal encouragements and cheeky glances still forthcoming, then I got her onto the bed and we fucked (after a condom switch) in missionary where she came again, then more oral (I think) then I had her on her knees on the bed with my finger up her arse and the doxy back on and she had another orgasm.

Then for a bit of tromboning - she got me on all fours and stuck her tongue so far up my arse I thought she was giving me an enema, whilst simultaneously wanking me off. Doggy to follow before I laid her on the bed and despunked into her mouth as she played with my arsehole. She gargled, then swallowed every single drop of my sticky white baby paste, then we both lay there panting, laughing and chatting for what seemed like ages as the light dimmed outside and rumbles of thunder echoed in the vague distance.

Any good? The most astonishing sexual experience you'll ever have in your life. She has the unlikely combination of the rapacious sex drive of an 18 year old boy in the innocent looking shell of a 23 year old girl. Utterly astonishing in every way.

Only as I was walking her to the bus stop did I clock that she used to be known as a girl called Lindsey who I saw a couple of years ago. Don't suppose any of you recognise the name?

https://www.adultwork.com/2811799 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lindsey%5Fxxx


7 review(s) found for Lizzy Wilde  linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
64 review(s) found for Lindsey_xxx linked to in above post (64 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline PLeisure

ahhh,,,,, Ha hah.... was wondering who would be announcing her return.

Sounds like you had a wild rollercoaster ride  :drinks:

Good to know you had a great time, added to HL

Offline ciscoxxx69

Well that didn't take long......  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Damn it. I was feeling left out as I didn't see her before and I was waiting for her return.
But 200ph is way over my budget.  :(

Cat out of the bag! In more ways than one!

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Nice one BOTN.
Good to know standards are being maintained.  ;)

Offline The Beano

Excellent review Op. I was hoping to have posted similar by now but illness has taken its toll :(

Offline Zeusthedoc

so is this the 64th review or the 1st review?

thanks for TOFTT! always great to have a new find ;)

Online vt

That's weird...outcalls cheaper than incalls!  :unknown:

That's weird...outcalls cheaper than incalls!  :unknown:

Not really if they havent got an incall base and need to book an apartment or hotel.

And to the OP how can it be MC Harvey surely its got to be MC Romeo

Online vt

Not really if they havent got an incall base and need to book an apartment or hotel.

Yes, the hotel touring girls also usually charge less for incalls...they book a room, advertise their availability and stack the bookings in. They usually charge more for outcalls as they have to waste time and expense travelling from one distant outcall booking to another.

Girls reason that a hotel room cost divided between 6-8 punters is a lot cheaper than wasting many hours not earning whilst travelling between outcalls. That's the way it usually works...so outcalls usually cost more than incalls.

Well guys,
We kept her return under our hat for a while; I guess it was only a matter of time!
Fuck she is gonna be much harder to book now :-(

Damn it. I was feeling left out as I didn't see her before and I was waiting for her return.
But 200ph is way over my budget.  :(

Usually I would agree with you; In this case, worth every penny.

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