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Author Topic: lovely sonya  (Read 1623 times)

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Offline MisterP

Had a few shortlisted for a nice final punt before the new year but they kinda went a bit wrong.  Anyways I settled for this one just on the coast:

https://www.adultwork.com/1810189 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovley+sonya

Not particularly striking but there was something about her facial features that reminded me of someone possibly from skool or someone famous.
I'm not sure what it is about Brighton but every time I go there I get some serious fatigue going on.  Must be the lack of parking for a central location.  Your only option is to spend ages looking for a bay in the multi-storey, walk through the stuffy shopping centre, then take a uphill walk through the freezing busy highstreet.
It also took me a while to get there due to traffic and I had to postpone the booking by about 45mins.  She was new though (in that area) and so wasn't exactly fully booked up, as she didn't seem to mind and was very polite about it.

I actually really like it when they tell you to hang about for a few mins as they've just taken a shower and are just putting on something to look good for you.  Gets the heart rate going a bit with the intrigue heightened. It was believable in this case as i mentioned it seemed punters weren't exactly bursting through the door one after the other.

But by the time I got to the hotel I was all ready for some oral, a massage.. and a nap.

I was told the floor level but not the room number and had to wait by the lift for her to come out and get me.  Bit of an annoyance though as her keycard was busted so she had to travel back to reception while i waited.  Then one of the cleaners smashed one of the glasses from her trolley.  All of a sudden there were three cleaners and some guy in a shirt and tie cleaning up this mess in the hallway... With me standing there alone.  Fun times.

Anyways she finally returned out of breath and we entered the room.  She dressed like a typical euro student, with the tight leather jacket, funky nike hightops and skinny jeans.  But these jeans were LOW so pretty much all the staff caught a good look of some seriously dirt lace knickers.  I knew i was in for a good time and so did they.

I handed her the money with some chocs (cheers HP) and apologised for messing around with her schedule.  Then accepted her offer of a shower.

When I came out she was laid on the bed waiting with her black lingerie inc suspenders and stockings.  Together with the bright sun shining through the window it really was a beautiful sight.   Plus I loved the sound of traffic and xmas shoppers outside.
She does actually look better in her pics and its amazing what that eyeshadow and lip gloss can do.  Yet she still looked very nice and I liked the fresher look from her having just washed.  Choice and amount of perfume was perfect.

Started with some great OWO.  This is where some may argue a positve review as although she offers cim and fk, this was not available.  I was flustered by the situation in the hallway and too exhausted to confirm before paperwork.  She did, however, offer to lick the cum off.
Instead I decided to go down on her, and this was the absolute best bit - It tasted amazing.  It was so soft and wet and sugary.  The flaps were so clean and delicate and my tongue never got tired.  I usually get bored down there and I don't particularly enjoy the taste if there is any, but I honestly could have spent hrs there.  Her moans and breathing sounded realistic which is all i ever want them to sound regardless if fake.
She then returned the favour a bit more before slipping on the condom as I took her from behind.  Fantastic view of her small waist and cute bum.  Rather tight aswell.  I'm not the biggest boy so this was pleasant.  Along came her fantastic subdued and concentrated moans which were enough to finish me off. 

Throughout the session I could hear the vibration of her phone constantly going off and I said she was more than welcome to answer some of them while I recovered on the bed.  Instead she got up, wiggled her naked booty over the other side of the room and put her phone in the bathroom. 
She then came and lay next to me for some pleasant pillow talk.  Very well spoken and didn't bore me in the slightest.  I noticed i had about 10 mins left when she asked if I wanted to "play again?".  Tbh I was shattered and instead opted to use her shower again.

So the negatives were: No FK and her half hr rate needs to come down slightly.  There are definitely more things I'd like to do with her and perhaps I'll bring Listerine next time. 
In fact this was the first time in ages that I've wanted to see the same wg again immediately afterwards.  I even feel sorry that she going to be alone there at xmas  as all her colleagues are going to be working up north apparently.
I've been totally had and its cool by me  :cool:

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

she offers cim and fk, this was not available

What was the reason why it was not available?

Offline MisterP

While I rightfully deserve a slap for this, I never specifically asked.  Maybe if I did, it would have been a different outcome.  During the oral I asked where I could come and she said (mouth full) anywhere on me.  Or just let me know so I can lick it off.  I didn't really feel like shooting the whole load in her mouth. 
The pecks on the lips were sufficient at the time but this is something i will ask her about on my next visit.

During the pillow talk i recalled her profile and asked her unassumingly what she DIDN'T do.  The only thing she doesn't like is fast fingers agressively inside her. 
Who knows maybe she didn't want to charge me extra or sensed the opportunity not to offer something she didn't enjoy.  Shit I'm a disgrace to the community aren't I?

Not particularly striking but there was something about her facial features that reminded me of someone possibly from skool or someone famous.

Rose McGowan perhaps?

Offline MisterP

Or if rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano magically had a daughter..

She looked a little like lilly allen to me  :)

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