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Author Topic: Sarah Smith 19  (Read 2784 times)

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Meeting 27th April

Sarah Smith 19 - https://www.adultwork.com/3462744 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sarah+Smith+19

Pretty simple comms, sent a text with time I would like, and a few minutes later after couple of texts all was set

Not much to say here really, it was a hotel meet in a mid range hotel which had free parking for 2 hours which was ample for my needs.
The room was tidy enough (not clothes scattered across the floor as I have come across in the past)

Amount paid- £130 for 1 hour

Well for me she is hot. She is pretty tall, just a couple of inches shorter than me I would guess she may be 5'9" profile says 5'8" which may well be true. Although very slim she does have a good shape, legs, bum, smallish boobs (but them do bob up nicely with a little squeeze). She has got mid length dark hair, although had extensions in (which were good, not the really fake feeling plastic I have seen before). Always a little worried meeting someone with no face pic, but she is really quite beautiful, with good skin, and nice teeth, very little makeup so had a very natural beauty look. Dressed in a black lacy body suit with hold up suspenders. With the long legs, slim shapely body and her face she looked fabulous. She does have a couple of nice tats, just one on thigh and shoulder but not over the top by any means.

Again quite natural in personality, a normal warm and friendly to start as it is when to strangers meet (as opposed to the scripted hello darlings, and smothered in kisses greeting). Very quickly relaxed into the more physical friendliness. She had a nice accent, a soft slightly West Country accent so talking with her was a pleasure. Was able to talk during the acts in a nice and funny way.

The Services-
Nice kissing, but not french, she enjoyed neck kissing
She was good with her hands for HJ not that she tried to use that to avoid other activities just in the play
Reverse oral was very nice, clean, fresh, very responsive and she either enjoyed very much or did a great performance
Her oral skills were very good, definitely right up there in my experience of BJ with good use of hands, not once did I feel discomfort of teeth. She did also lube me up a little with the HJ as she was going for a while (which I like quite a lot) I am sure she was up for facial and CIM as she was dangerously close to both and never asked that I didn't (I don't ever really pop from oral first time with a girl for some reason)
After a fairly long and very pleasurable OWO we had full sex, cowgirl which she put a fair bit of effort into, and then carried on until I popped.
Talking, cuddling, massage was the rest of the service, I would have tried for sex again, but for me if I have a long great BJ and then pop afterwards I tend to be a once only person, so my fault as to why we didn't repeat.

Very good body, beautiful face, very natural personality, fun and friendly, great BJ and HJ skills, great reverse oral, tight pussy

French kissing would have been nice, but is a discretion item on her list.

IMO girl next door gorgeous, lovely personality, fit body, great BJ HJ with a very fuckable pussy. I left a very happy customer
Perhaps slightly expensive for relatively vanilla options, but I rarely find cheap British girls in London where it is not obvious why they are cheap so fair VFM again IMO.
Very much a GFE more than PSE but that is a preference for me

Would I go back - absolutely yes, and  if opportunity arises I will very likely do that.

1 review(s) found for Sarah Smith 19 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice review Mark, there are a lot of good girls in the wastelands of north London, too far for me to go for a punt, can you send a few down to Kensington & Chelsea please?

Offline bestbefore

Thanks for the review. She says she is only in town for a few days. Do you know if she will be returning or is this a one-off visit? And what area was the hotel in?

And was she really 19?? (or is that escort 19).
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Offline tristen92

Stick around mate, you punt in my area and such reviews are very helpful! ;)
Banning reason: STD scaremongering

She said she had been in Heathrow, Watford, and on this occasion near Mill Hiil, Hendon area. I didn't say she had any special plans to go anywhere in particular (but I guess why would she if she did). It would be nice if she stayed around the Heathrow, Watford and Mill Hill area for a while :-)

I guess if she went to Kensington and Chelsea she'd end up costing a fair bit more cash. If I sent my local pub down to Kensington and Chelsea I wouldn't get change from a fiver for a pint of San Miguel anymore.

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the TOFTT and sharing.

However, if I had paid £130 and she had FK on her list, I would expect it to be honest.

She shouldn't have it listed on her profile if she doesn't want to do it.  :thumbsdown:

Very useful info because she was on my HL - but not any more.

Cheers.  :drinks:


Oh yeah the other question is she 19.

To be honest I couldn't tell you. If you put an 18, 20 and 22 year old in front of me I seriously doubt I would be able to put them in the right order.

I would be surprised if she was outside of that age group of 18-22 so I thought 19 was believable so I've got no reason to think she was lying about age.

I know what you were saying about FK and paying £130, but I've paid £100 per hour for a couple of british punts that were dreadful skanks and very clearly wished I'd just given them money at the door and just left. This occasion I never felt like she didn't want to be there, was genuinely nice, and could hold a conversation that I could have enjoyed even if it was without sex in a bar (not that I would have paid for her time to meet her in a bar without sex). That to me was enough to let the FK @ discretion go, as there was enjoyable kissing just without tongues, the FK is not top of my list of priorities, but if it was then yes I would have been dissapointed.

I do generally expect to get nothing that is only at discretion :-), like the anal @ discretion tick box you see so often and on no occasion have I found that meant I could get anal. I've usually been pretty sure you could pitch up with a 5" hot dog between your pants and be told it's too big.

Offline amar

watfordmark73 thank you for the review! she looks nice :drinks:

Thanks for the TOFTT and sharing.

However, if I had paid £130 and she had FK on her list, I would expect it to be honest.

She shouldn't have it listed on her profile if she doesn't want to do it.  :thumbsdown:

Very useful info because she was on my HL - but not any more.

Cheers.  :drinks:


I have seen her also and will post a review shortly which will be a positive .  I received DFK but not through out the booking. Cheers to OP for his review.

Text her twice today no response, disappointing

Text her twice today no response, disappointing
Her profile has come and gone a couple of times to my knowledge, then the same photos pop up under another profile but same contact number so she might return  :unknown:

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