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Author Topic: xjulie69 - Nice person, bad service  (Read 919 times)

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Offline mf_1101

https://www.adultwork.com/2454740 or https://www.adultwork.com/xjulie69x

Regrettable I have to do a negative, I am not the type of person who likes to do them but I feel I owe it to my fellow punter to report what I perceive as a bad service. Overall one of the worst punts of my life, she wasn't a nasty lady, seemed quite sweet and pleasant but at the end of the day I wasted £60 and being a pleasant person doesn't make up for being a poor service provider.

Comms - Comms were good, tried to ring but no answer, sent a text, got back in touch quickly, confirmed time, she sent postcode, explained location had some problems (see next paragraph) but I didn't mind - apologized for missing the call. I told her I had a few requirements, said we'd discuss in person, seemed okay with it all. 8/10

Location - For me location is dependent on a few factors, ease of access, privacy, safety and parking plus the facilities on offer inside. The house she explained was a friends house, she said in the text it wasn't the best place to look at, it was being  re-decorated and had no carpets, paint job happening. Located in Corby near Gainsborough Road, seemed like a bit of a run-down area but I have no problems with this personally, it was daytime. Wasn't discreet really, terrace house open front porch. Parking is good, residential area, plenty of free places around, no issues here. Inside as she stated - was being re-decorated. Bathroom facilities weren't good - no towel, shower had children's things inside it, bedroom had a cot so could actually be working from home, I couldn't imagine many friends that would let you screw in their kids bedroom, could you? I didn't mind the condition or lack of a shower being offered but it wasn't professional and most of you wouldn't go for it. 3/10

Looks - Bit different too photos, little older, little bit more chubby (she even pointed it out once her nightie was off) - But still a very pretty girl, mid 30's - more of the girl next door sort of look. Decent to look at, has a pert sexy bottom, smooth tanned skin for the most part. Skin seemed a little flaky around the crack area, bit off putting but overall I'd give her 6/10

Service - This is the bit that makes or breaks a punt, you can be the prettiest girl in the world in an exotic high class location with perfect comms but if you fail in the service, it's a bad punt. The opposite applies, you can have a sketchy location and not be the best looking girl but if you make up for it by giving an A+ service, you're gold. Unfortunately Julie did not provide, we sat down had a chat she seemed okay with my requirements (I wanted to rim and do oral), she stated she does OWO for first time meets due to bad experiences, fair enough she does state at discretion on this, no problems there. Then it went bad, she seemed nervous and chatty, kissing was unconvincing, just lip stuff no full on FK, but she does state "At discretion" so no major issues again I prefer to get down to it.
She stopped every few seconds to say something and stated many times since she had a child she had lost her confidence - Alarm bells for me, as much as you might FEEL that you aren't confident you don't SAY it, it's off-putting and makes me feel as if I am shagging a nervous virgin rather than a "Horny little minx." That isn't what I pay my money for. So I moved onto OW, she did a decent suck, no real eye contact till prompted - I wanted to do some 69'ing but she didn't want to go on top, wanted me to be on top (whilst I appreciate preferences, I am paying and I prefer not to do most of the work in my punt, so I didn't like this). Gave up on it, went to get her bent over for some rimming, she didn't want me to put my tongue deep - again kind of what I wanted so I called it off. Disappointed I decided I would get a shag out of this, bit flacid but tried her doggy - she does look good from behind but she tensed up made it hard to penetrate plus I wasn't massively aroused so I thought I'll try her riding me cowgirl, but no as she said she had no "confidence" to do this, so I was at square one with a flacid cock having a shit time. At this point I said to her give me some OW and wank me off, I'll finish and leave content so she tried that, good wanking technique and got me hard again with her blowjob but the final nail came when I thought I could finish with her bent over giving me a show but again it didn't happen, seemed to be okay as I wanked off then I asked her to spread her cheeks and give me a view and she made groaning noises as if it was a problem and mentally that was it for me, I knew it was a shit show. 2/10

I told her it wasn't happening, got a glass of water and left as she was on the phone to her kid. She did seem genuinely apologetic for the bad experience, I told her I wanted more of a PSE service, she said she was better at GFE - was a bit of a comforting lie to help her feel better about it because I love GFE but when she was asking "is it me?" I didn't want to just say "Yes you're not cut out to do this" and from chatting to her she seemed like a decent girl, very pleasant but truth be told I am not there for a chat, I am there for a service and it was bad.

What can I say to her if she reads this? Sorry but it was awful, I feel like I wasted £60 and I don't want any other punters to have the same experience. I think she can be good but needs more confidence, get a better place to work from and work harder. I could have spent my money on better punts for the same price such as Busty Anita.

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Offline leicesterdude

Thanks for the review.

Can see your torn writing it.

But I don't feel sympathy for an SP that provides a shit  service.

Despite her apologies and nonsense she still kept your cash.
Banning reason: Fluffy white-knight

Offline hexohm

She calls herself Julie"69", has been on AW for just over 2 years, has 82 positve fb's and yet claims she has no confidence??

Bullshit, she gave you a shit time and fully deserves her neg.  Thanks OP.

Offline Buttons

Thanks for the review. She was on my hotlist, I quite like her cute girl next door look, but now she's off it. Pity, because she sounds like a nice person, just not a good escort.

Thanks for the review mf if she had delivered on service I think she would end up being quite popular, she's got a nice look about her and that arse if it's accurate is definitely up my street.

But there's no excuse for the poor level of service.

Offline irelax32

You did a fair review, good on you mate. If it is a shit show, it is a shit show and it needs to be out.

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