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Author Topic: Office of glasgow escorts  (Read 901 times)

Offline seebreeze

any recommendations for the girls here and info on the location and cleanliness of the in call premises - emma looks and sounds amazing closely followed by a couple of others

Offline bigmike32

What has this got to do with an office.

Offline seebreeze

sorry just got the name  off AW site apologies was just wondering if anyone had any good feedback on any of the girls there and the standard of the facilities

Offline pilgrim

Take the name of any escort that interests you and use the search facility at the top right of this page.  The girls pay an agency fee to the pimp that runs the agency, hence the considerably higher average price.  Most agencys use this fee to ensure that facilities are clean and presentable with showering facilities in good order clean bedding and clean towels, sadly this is not the case with this mob.

Much better value for money punts out there.  You sound like a tout, coming on here with that first post.  An introduction would be appreciated and break the ice.

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