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Author Topic: British Baylie  (Read 968 times)

Why on earth has she put her prices up 90 quid!
for half an hour...

London prices ..

Offline Stiltskin

Seems to be a trend, many are at £90/£160 now. My cut off point is £80/£150.

That's a shame. When I first saw her reviews on here, she was charging £130 an hour. I was hoping to make a booking when I was last in Southampton a few weeks ago, but her price had gone up to £160 an hour, which I'm not really prepared to spend (my max is £150). I've just checked her profile and it's now £180 an hour (probably because she's in London at the moment).

Offline Clarkey

Saw her last June, not long after she started.

Solid 30 min punt for 60 by a friendly attractive girl.

Sadly it seems those who have been blowing smoke up her arse for the last year have caused a 50% hike.

I'd see her again at 60, 70 at a push but would need to be top drawer for any higher. 

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