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Author Topic: kittens parlour Sheffield  (Read 1627 times)

Hi has anyone  had the pleasure of either  Daya or Zara at kittens parlour in Sheffield? 

I had the pleasure of meeting Daya about 2 years ago. She was working at club 25. Service was standard for club 25, covered oral and sex, But she is really fit from what I remember. I didn't know she was working at kitten but now I do I might have to take a trip and see her again. 

kittens and club 25 are linked..

both shyte imo.

Both parlours are cheap and dump Don't  expect much.

Thanks for the info both girls look good but might give the place a miss

Offline kylo40

good for a cheap and quick fuck.
although I used to love seeing gina. she seemed to go the extra mile to make u feel special, last year my visit wasnt great, but ok

Offline marky123uk

Must say daya is an amazing fuck ..eye contact made me pop in mins! Arse to die for!
Banning reason: Reported for making threats of violence by PM

This place has a name change and is under new management I'm told.

Still £25, called in as you do and had a quickie.

Was ok, nowt to write home about but £25

Offline Ali Katt

Kittens is full of gypsies.

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