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Author Topic: Antwerp Belgium  (Read 786 times)

Online hitman33

I've been visiting Belgium for a few years for work and thought I would share today's exploits. The window area is Falconplein, Antwerp. It's about 150 meters from the newly renovated marina area with some very nice properties cafes, bars and resteurants with some very smart people walking around.

Once you get to Falconplein it's a paved area with about 50 windows I suppose. I've never counted about 30 to 40 occupied whenever I have been. There's parking near by and it's not hard to find , there's also very tasty and cheap street food available.

There must be a type of girl there to suit any desire at least in appearance very fat to very thin, young to old, some clad in leather some ripped jeans but most in some type of fluorescent thong. ..bikini type affair.  Looking stunning model types tall short big boobed to flat chested blond, dark you get the idea. Pretty much are all Romanian.  With odd Dutch.  German,Belgian and Thai.

There's a peep show come cinema come sec shop.. other than that the rest of the street is windows.

Just off from Falconplein. There are a couple of clubs packed with girls mainly African who will rub your cock through your trousers while you buy them drinks and they promise you the world if you pay for a taxi to a shitty hotel and when you get there they lose all interest and demand 150 euros then want a taxi back. Total probably 230 euros!

IMHO stick with the windows but tread carefully

I had three punts 1st Sam.. I just liked the way she looked at me and wasn't putting out there with as much desperation as the others went to the window, 50 euros suck and duck.  A Romanian girl, ultra slim,  early 20''s blond bob hair. Went in and she closed her curtains and lead me up to a spacious room. I had a chat with her and she's been there three years.. rents a window for 12 hours 7pm to 7am as they all do. In the room in a bed.. it's her bedding and clean.  A sink a bed a bidet coat hanger chair.. a bit of bondage gear cross chains etc. Started with a kiss on each cheek and paid the money and she stripped in a second. I got undressed and joined her on the bed.. she started by taking charge but I like to take the lead so she laid on her front whole I kissed her back and legs. Turned her over for some reverse o and she was shaven feast and clean and made all the right noises. I went to kiss her she said no! I said I need to do kissing she was playing with my cock she still said no and went for condom on it went for a bit of doggy. Mush and cowgirl I went in for a kiss and was in.  A good kisser! Then I started pounding and she took it like a pro. I asked for oral and she went for ow to start with.  Then I asked her to take off the condom which she did and went to town. I got cim which she jumped up and spat out.. we had a little chat as we got dressed and summed to hit it off. I nice girl and great punt for 50 euros was in there about 45 mins I was well happy probably the best punt I've had down there.

Quick rest and another look around saw a small tanned girl with dark hair wearing just knickers with braces covering her nipples and stripper heels. Intruductions and was in 50 euros. Led upstairs to a slightlier better room than the one before. As soon as we were in the room this girl went from being the sexiest woman on earth to Diss interested. No kiss. No chat. Just went for my cock at any opertunity to make me fire. I'm quite good at holding on. Oh i meant to say. I picked her for her huge! Natural tits womanly body a bit short 5'2" but awesome body!  Back to the room.. no touching, no kissing anywhere, on with the rubber and she plus the trick of putting her hand in the way and starts complaining times up after 5 mins. Come now she says. So I was posses off took off the condom and showered her which she was furious about.. you make big mess ! Serves you right mate. I left without saying another word.

Quick rest and to Julia.  Tall blond Romanian about 30 years old. And looked like an American porn star false tits a few tattoos and awesome body.. 50 euros again.. followed her up into a room somewhat similar to the first. Changed money and she stripped chatting all the time. Good attitude.. she sat on the bidet and gave her fanny a wash by this time I was stripped and we hopped on the bed.. I really fancied this one. Started with a quick massage and ball tickling. She was playing with my nippers suckling and kissing them and my belly while playing with my cock. Put the rubber on for OW. I asked for without but no. I asked for kissing again no. Then a bit of lube and she sat on me rocking took my hands and put them on her tits.  Picked her up and carried her round the room. Back on the bed for mish. Lots of verbal encouragement from her. Then doggy. At some point she asked me where I wanted to come.. on your tits so off with the condom and we finished there. I asked her how much for an hour 150 euros kissing and owo I said no was the reply I fid enjoy the punt tho.

I've seen the first girl a couple of times more and it's worked to full on hard core fucking a cross between gfe and pse. I loved the first and third punts. IMHO the second was a bitch.

To sum up of you visit agree before you exchange money what you want.   Because afterwards it ain't going to happen. All the girls look good and there are some diamonds to be found. Julia does a three some with her pal for 300 for the hour.  I'd live to have a go but at the min she won't budge on the kissing and owo but watch this space I think I can talk her into it. Especially if business is quiet.

Great report thank you, have you ever been to the street in Brussels with all the girls in the windows? It sounds very similar, if so how would you compare them? Thanks in advance, and happy punting!  :thumbsup:

Online hitman33

Sorry my friend, I havent if you have an address I'd give it a go though!

I'm on it! Thank you!!

Here is another link with a bit more info that may be useful, I went there last year briefly and thought it was great. I`ve heard Antwerp is a nice place to visit, and as it also has a similar set up could be worth a trip. Would be interested to know how the two compare, especially now Brussels is a high risk area. Good luck if you go, and be safe!  :thumbsup:

I was in Brussels last week and although you say it is a high risk area I felt very safe.
There are plenty of armed soldiers around and access to train stations is reduced to two entry points only to allow monitoring of person.
Everyone was just going about their normal business and I was more than comfortable with the situation.
I had two trips down the road next to the Nord Station one around 13:00 and another around 18:00. Both times I saw young slim girls and both were very pleasant to talk to. Usual service as described already on this thread.
I will be back again in a few weeks....
Turning my attention to Europe now as the UK doesn't appear to offer what you can get over there! (personal opinion) 

Offline Steve2

Great report thank you, have you ever been to the street in Brussels with all the girls in the windows? It sounds very similar, if so how would you compare them? Thanks in advance, and happy punting!  :thumbsup:

Both Antwerp and Brussels window scene are very similar

I was in Brussels in 1998 and saw the "window scene" and I thought it was a great idea as you could essentially choose who to punt with.

When I described to her what I wanted her to do (i.e. kick me all over, including in the balls) she was perhaps a bit taken back but was willing to do it. (I guess that's the downside). I had picked this one partly because of her shoes.

I did also meet a "dominatrix" woman, American, in Antwerp whom I found via a website (it was happening back then but less common).

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