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Author Topic: hott mistress - Maidstone  (Read 711 times)

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Offline oz1990

Not first time meeting, but 1st review on here.

Name: hott misress
Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3441799

Location: Outcall to Gillingham; working from Maidstone at the time. Tours a lot (London, Kent, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds etc.) so location changes constantly.

Length of booking: 1 hour

Price: £120

Services: I was only after GFE - French kissing, OWO (Both services she no longer offers it seems), and cuddling. Didn't really confirm if anything else was on offer as it didn't interest me.

Description: Looks fairly attractive, with a slightly thin body. Face pics on profile (at time of writing this review). Well dressed when she arrived, but did smell of smoke. Good grasp of English language.

Booking: I TOFTT when she was here in Kent as she moves around a lot. Booked her for an outcall to my place. Because she is foreign, I confirmed that all services were on offer (GFE stuff) and no extra charges. All agreed and 1 hour outcall confirmed. Arrived fairly quickly.

Biggest regret ever.

When she turned up was when it went all wrong. I'm the kinda guy who likes the GFE - kissing and cuddling etc. I don't like to move to oral too quickly and I certainly don't want to be having sex within 5 mins of her clothes coming off. Which is exactly what happened.

Sorted out the money and clothes came off. Started off with some kissing but noticed she wouldn't kiss for long. I said to her then I'll lay on my back and you play with my nipples (I like it a lot). Only did it for a few seconds before she immediately went for OWO. This wasn't doing too much for me as she'd "moved too quickly" so told her to stop with that. She took that cue to mean on with the condom for sex; all within 10 mins of starting. When I started to lose interest she came out with the words she looked at me and said "You need to hurry up and cum. Most guys I see cum within 10 mins and I leave. If you're not gonna cum soon then I'll leave". I argued I'd paid for an hour and wanted lots of GFE and very little sex - hey I've paid and I can't help what I like and what gets me off, therefore that's what I wanna do. Her counter was "Well I spent 20 mins travelling and I gotta spend 20 mins travelling back so you only get 15 mins. I prefer sex than doing any of the other stuff".

In the end I managed to get myself to cum somehow (one of them crap ones that don't do anything for you if you get me), and she left 30 mins early. Couldn't get any money back from her.

I will add here that I'm a fairly normal bloke (apart liking GFE stuff more than sex ha!), I was clean and freshly showered and my place tidy and clean. Even offered her a drink when she arrived.

Conclusion: Avoid.

3 review(s) found for ALICIA SEXY DIAMOND linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline mgtow15

You like what you like; there is no normal so don't apologise.  Did you pay her travel costs? 

Next time, take control over the punt.  She was in your house so it would have been easier to get some of your money back when she failed to deliver the services you had agreed upon.
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