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Author Topic: Silly Profiles in Hampshire  (Read 489 times)

Offline LookNoHands

Hi... they come and go, but todays silliest profile is surely this:


So much fun on offer... it is almost unbelievable!

I would have paid to see her pvt gallery, but unfortunately it seems the girl who wants to 'snort my cum' and be 'crowned the filthiest girl in the world', will only do non nude pics. Obviously if I am going to fist a girl's anus, which she professes to offer, I would like to reassure myself she doesn't have piles ...as that may reduce her enjoyment of our time together.

So via text I asked instead, if as offered, I could pop over and take a shit on her tits and rub it about a bit - and of course, if that was extra.

To my surprise, she messaged me back, saying 'No'. She has not replied to a second text to clarify... I wanted to know if 'No' meant that it was not extra but included. :-)

Should I stop waiting for a reply?

Offline Steely Dan

This profile seems to get cut and pasted around the country a lot.  Seen it almost word for word before. See here too

Not clear why.  PG scam I guess.

Offline LookNoHands

No feedback - could be due to bareback offer and no guy wanting a trace of that on their profile... but equally I think they may not really escort at all and these are a fleet of touring PG scam profiles (a whole bunch of similar profiles turn up at once, maybe 7-8 of them).

If they are trying to escort they have misjudged their sales pitch!! :-)

I checked your link and as one guy said 'enjoys' ABH for £130...  utter insanity!

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