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Author Topic: Honey Amber - Central London (various )  (Read 995 times)

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Offline kamran234


I have actually seen Honey Amber twice now so thought about time to review and to contribute to the site - so review is based on both visits.

First time I met Honey Amber responded to a RB. At the time there were not that much info on her but I liked her responses and they way she communicated so took the plunge. I think now she has quite a lot of positive feedback.

I would say Honey Amber needs to get some better photos done as in real life she is much hotter and prettier than her photos suggests.

Both times I met her she had booked an upmarket hotel in central London.  Personally it really makes a difference to me being in nice surroundings and Honey Amber really understands this and makes the effort to stay in nicer hotels.

Looks wise she exactly my type of woman -Statuesque,  curvy (but not fat) with beautiful eyes and facially very attractive. Lovely  soft natural boobs with responsive nipples that you can spend all day playing with. She is quite tall and with heels would guess she is reaching 6ft..

Both times I met she was wearing an evening dress which I took great pleasure in taking off.  Honey Amber was very accommodating and provided all the services I wanted. Rather than an out and out porn star experience it was more a GFE time  with multiple rounds where there was plenty of OWO, RO and  deep French Kissing which she does very well as has lovely soft lips. 

I got the impression that she genuinely has a high sex drive and appears to really enjoy what she does and at no point did she make it feel like she was doing a chore.

Both meetings were 2hr appointments and in that time everything was on the table - (though don't know about anal as not my thing).

Would definitely recommend!

8 review(s) found for Honey Amber  linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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