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Author Topic: LoraChat4all Southampton SO14 near Ocean Village  (Read 363 times)

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Offline MrKeen


Link Provided, but profile was taken down shortly after I walked.

Booked last Monday at 17:00, when I arrive and rang, Lora Told me that she was in Southampton changing money, could I wait half and hour, I said I wouldn't and left.

Booked again Saturday for 17:00. When I arrived, girl who met me was not the girl in the profile photographs and was not dressed as asked. She was presentable so I followed her through a studio flat sitting room, Another girl was in the room who I believe might have been Lora. I followed the girl who met me upstairs to bedroom. I was beginning to feel uneasy, there was no door and the other girl (Possible Lora) was downstairs with the TV on loud. The girl I met had taken the money and gone downstairs. The second girl (Lora)came up to get something from a draw and asked me if I fancied two girls. I said no, The first girl came back up and I went to hold her, she flinched, I thought this is going to standerd Romanian, cold mechanical, so asked if there was anything else on her profile she didn't do ie FK (discretionary on Profile) this set the cat amoungst the pigeons.  Why would I want to kiss someone 20 years older I am a young girl. The second girl came up for a full scale argument in the course of which she revealed that it was her I had been speaking with on the phone.  I said lets not argue, give me my money back and I will leave. After some discussion they gave me back the cash less £20 they said was the fee for a missed booking!    I left (not going to end up fighting two young girls) and the profile was taken down very quickly. I am sure they will be back and will keep watch and alert when I see them back.

My Plan B though was an absolute find though, more on that later.

I am getting better, next time I will hold onto all cash till I know its the right girl, dressed as requested and not going to go frigid and shut eye whiile she yanks my cock senseless to get me to come which mostly seems the Romanian version of sex.
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2 review(s) found for LoraChat4all linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline LookNoHands

You're getting the hang of it mate :-)

I love Romanians for their looks and that many have great skinny bods with meaty pussies - as I'm happy to spend most my sessions  munching on them.

But for any kind of GFE they are a complete waste of time (with an occasional rare exception). For a start they simply don't want to interact like that with punters -  its a straight forward transaction to them - you pay and you can cum (just once or else you are getting too good a deal!). I am not sure Romanian men they have known do sensual romantic sex...  some seem utterly unable to do anything other than lie there passively for a fucking... they have very clumsy technique at oral and hand jobs. In addition to that, the language is a big issue - 'you want fuck now?' is sometimes about the extent of their vocabulary...  so for intimacy to be anything other then physical they are going to struggle.

If I want a girl I can converse with and have that level of playful interaction and sensuality I will pick a British or western European girl at least. For a cheap faceful of pussy, Romanians will do.

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